These five resources will help you plan, prepare, execute and assess public engagements while representing your US Army. All are downloadable and easily accessible on any device.1) Communication Guidebook: This is a quick reference to help you plan, prepare, execute and assess public engagements. It was written for - and promotes shared understanding among - commanders, spokespersons, public affairs officers and unit public affairs representatives (UPARs). Use this for unit training and to help Army leaders and Soldiers prepare for engagements with the public.Download the Communication Guidebook at: MyArmy. MyStory. Multifold: This pocket size folded card is a quick reference to help you remember talking points and frame of reference when telling your Army story. Print it out on tabloid size paper, fold it and put in your pocket for use at speaking engagements with the public.Download the MyArmy. MyStory. Multifold at: Communication Toolkit Youtube Channel Business Card: View, share or download this business card for ready information to log on to our Communications toolkit youtube channel. Created to provide easy access from any device and almost anywhere in the world when you are in need of communication support resources for your speaking or media engagement.Download the Communication Toolkit Youtube Channel Business Card at: Communication Training Slide Deck: Communicate like a pro. Download this slide deck to train the most effective messenger in you. Learn top communication best practices, create Mind and Message Maps, learn interview techniques and bridging phrases, all to prepare and be a more effective messenger. Tell your Army story with the confidence that comes from training - to inform the American people and Army, and relay confidence in America's Army and its readiness to conduct multi-domain operations.Download the Communication Training Slide Deck at: Message Map: Arm yourself with this customizable Message Map. Developed as a thinking tool to optimize the messenger in you, and derived from mind mapping to organize your thoughts into powerful messages, supported by your stories and facts. Download this pdf version to either fill out electronically or print and write out by hand.Download the Message Map at: