Lionel Husband, a U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Logistics Center item manager, proudly continues to serve the nation and the Army long after leaving active duty."I can truly say that it was an honor to serve for 23 years in the Army," said Husband. That service started back in 1984, and he continues to support Soldiers in the field today as part of the logistics team sustaining the UH-60 Blackhawk program.Husband, a native of Foxworth, Mississippi, had his share of challenges during his time on active duty, but thanks to family, fellow Soldiers and great leaders, he met those hurdles head-on.One of those challenges, his first supervisory role, came during his favorite assignment in Illeshiem, Germany. He served as the senior warehouse supervisor for 22 Soldiers. According to Husband, it was his first opportunity to lead Soldiers and look out for their well-being.Husband came close to calling it quits and leaving the Army during the 1990s."I had decided to [leave] the Army at the nine-year mark," said Husband. "I shared this with my wife, and she encouraged me to stay in because 'I was a fighter and a winner, and not a quitter.' I also had great leaders who steered me along the way. Staying [in the Army] was the greatest thing I could have done."He went on to realize the highlight of his active-duty career while assigned as an instructor at Fort Lee, Virginia."Becoming an instructor was a great accomplishment," said Husband. "Being able to train Soldiers and future leaders was very rewarding. One of my greatest memories was when I graduated my first class of [Advanced Individual Training] supply students. What a great feeling to know that I had sent them on to their units prepared to serve their country."Retiring as a sergeant first class in 2007, Husband looks back proudly and fondly at his time in uniform."I wouldn't trade a day that I served in uniform for anything. I enjoyed the travel, meeting people from different backgrounds and being part of the Army family," said Husband. "I am still proud to serve as an Army Civilian -- Army Strong."