BANGKOK - Leaders from armies across the Indo-Pacific region gathered in Bangkok Sept. 8-11 for the 43rd Indo-Pacific Armies Management Seminar co-hosted by the Royal Thai Army and U.S. Army.IPAMS is an annual seminar involving senior officers from lieutenant colonel to major general, or equivalent, that helps build regional understanding through open dialogue and shared experiences."Among friends and colleagues in the Indo-Pacific region, the IPAMS ultimate goal is to provide an arena and opportunity for us to exchange views and ideas," said Gen. Somsak Roongsita, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Defence, Thai Ministry of Defence. "This is very important because all young leaders need great leadership.""Achieving Sustainable Security: A New Perspective for Indo-Pacific Armies," was this year's IPAMS theme.The IPAMS is the region's longest and largest running multinational military seminar promoting security, peace and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Theater. Since 1977, PAMS I started with nine nations attending in Honolulu, Hawaii, and expanded to more than 30 nations last year in Vietnam."It is a privilege to be here and I look forward to the dialogue that takes place afterwards as we listen to your experiences as well," said Maj. Gen. Peter B. Andrysiak, U.S. Army Alaska commanding general. "What we are here to discuss is something important to all of us and that is developing resilient forces that are capable of thriving in any environment."Leaders had the opportunity to interact and exchange views and ideas that improves efficiency in performing mission requirements, said Roongsita.After the plenary portion of IPAMS, leaders separated into multiple small groups to discuss regional topics and issues amongst each other. They are able to compare and contrast their experiences with one another to help broaden their perspectives."Developing Resiliency Through Leadership," "Trust Building," and "Understanding the Multilateral Framework," were this year's topics discussed.Resiliency is one of the key characteristics of leaders that we need to develop because Army leaders, soldiers and troops are operating in a world of uncertainty and ambiguity, said Roongsita.Next year's IPAMS will be hosted by the Philippine Army.