BAUMHOLDER, Germany - Helping current and future housing residents understand policies, showcase residences and offer solutions to common challenges highlight the release of a new video for the Baumholder Military Community Sept. 17."Let's Talk Housing" includes a walkthrough of one of Baumholder's housing units. During the walkthrough, Deputy Garrison Manager Jim Bradford and Housing Officer Charm Sutton discuss important topics about the residence and living in Army housing.The video also includes a discussion of responsibilities of being a tenant in Army housing as well as working with the Self-Help shop on repairs. The video is the first in the revamp of U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz's modernization of its Army housing communication tools, including new video, web and mobile products."As we finish 2019 and head in to 2020, we're excited to be modernizing the way we present Baumholder housing offerings to our community through new products, as well as enhancing current products," said Stefan Alford, garrison public affairs chief. "The goal is ease of use; an HGTV feel if you will. We want to help promote the garrison commander's aim of transparency when it comes to all things housing-related. Improved communication to residents and potential residents is one way to work toward that goal."The video is available at