BLUE GRASS ARMY DEPOT, Ky. -- A strong and successful Sexual Harassment Assault Response Program (SHARP) and the new executive agency program called the Commander's Ready and Resilient Council (CR2C) are critical in achieving a safe and healthy work environment in any military community. Col. Joseph Kurz, the commander of Blue Grass Army Depot, said BGAD is no different, and he has made these programs a priority."My goal is to create an even more positive work environment across BGAD and break down any barriers we have in communication," said Kurz. "Balancing readiness and quality of life are critical in mission accomplishment and the welfare of our people." The CR2C is a working group of key leaders on the base and held its first meeting on BGAD in July 2019. The CR2C will generate a common operating picture of the issues facing the installation while focusing on Soldier, Civilian and Family readiness. The BGAD Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Janie Howard said certified master resiliency trainers partner with her to lead an education campaign emphasizing professional standards of conduct for the entire Depot community. "The goal is to empower employees to address potential issues and encourage them to share ideas," said Howard.Secondly, Kurz established an installation pilot training program to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to safety, health promotion, resilience-building, risk reduction and suicide prevention programs. Howard said she and the other resiliency trainers are excited to start training key members of the workforce."This program will train BGAD leadership in the 14 resiliency skills," said Howard. "Once they are trained, they can share the wealth of information with their subordinates and peers. I think this will foster better communication and strengthen the trust among our workers."A positive work environment is turnkey for BGAD's Munitions Readiness, supporting its higher command, Joint Munition Command (JMC), and its strategic priorities. JMC supports the U.S. Army's commitment to eliminate sexual assault within the Army, support victims, and inspire bystander intervention. The Army is committed to taking care of the Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians by working together to end sexual offenses, in order to facilitate a more ready and capable force.