(REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala.) -- In his first visit to Redstone Arsenal as Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen. James McConville met Monday with leaders from Army Materiel Command to learn how AMC is working to meet the Army's modernization and reform initiatives, and enabling readiness at the tactical and strategic levels.Gen. Gus Perna, commanding general of Army Materiel Command, highlighted several recent and ongoing AMC initiatives supporting Army objectives, including supply chain improvements, exercise support, facilities investment, Organic Industrial Base modernization, and support for Soldiers and families."If the Army gets called to move to Korea or Europe, somebody has to synchronize and integrate that movement, and that is AMC," Perna said. "We must hold ourselves accountable for being ready."Perna emphasized the importance of modernizing the Organic Industrial Base's 26 depots, arsenals and ammunition plants to meet current and future requirements."We have got to get the Organic Industrial Base modernized, both in structure, facilities and equipment, to meet today's needs, the surge needs, and (cross functional tem) future needs," Perna said.Moving from the industrial age to the information age is a priority for the Army, said McConville. Army leaders at all levels could benefit more by using data to inform decisions."Data drives information. Once you get data and you can manage, protect it and see it, we will find so many places that we can be more proficient," said McConville.Predictive data has led to less waste or unused parts, with the Army now using 94% of what is ordered, said Lt. Gen. Ed Daly, AMC deputy commanding general. He outlined how AMC is using predictive analytics to meet current and future demand for repair parts.Above all, McConville said people, including Soldiers, civilians and family members, are key to enabling readiness, modernization and reform."People are our greatest strength and most important weapon system. If you get the people right, everything else follows," he said.McConville said he is focused on how the Army can best support its people through quality of life initiatives, including housing, health care, child care and youth services, spouse employment and permanent change of station moves."We're in competition for talent. If we want people to come in the Army and stay in the Army, we're going to have to take care of their families," he said.