SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, HAWAII--Charge of Quarters, popular named CQ is not a just a 24-hour watch, there are many responsibilities that come along with assuming duty.The 8th Military Police Brigade (8th MP BDE) is taking another step to ensure soldiers conducting CQ are given the tools to empower them to combat sexual assault and sexual harassment within the barracks.Sgt. 1st Class Tammy Tillman, Sexual Assault and Response Coordinator, and Mrs. Shauntelle Astudillo-Sabanga, Brigade Victim Advocate (VA), 8th MP BDE, provided training to Victim Advocates in the brigade to take back to their units, certify and prepare Soldiers to properly identify the signs of a potential sexual assault while conducting CQ duties.The goal is to foster an environment of dignity and respect within a place of refuge to all Soldiers."We are trying a different approach in educating soldiers on how to handle SHARP situations," Tillman said.Soldiers are being trained on being able to understand the SHARP Response and reporting Procedure and Flow chart. All soldiers are equipped with response techniques and confidence to ACT and Intervene in the event of any emergency situation involving a SHARP situation.Tillman said incorporating "Not in my Barracks" is another tool to assist in eliminating and preventing sexual incidents within the barracks."Entrusting junior leaders with taking ownership of their residence and with the support of senior leaders at all levels will help foster a more positive environment within the barracks," Tillman concluded.Command Sgt. Maj. Mathew Selvaggio, command sergeant major, 8th MP Brigade said this is a joint effort with Equal Opportunity Leaders and VA to provide soldiers with the tools information needed to bring awareness, and to ensure the safety of all soldiers residing in the barracks."We have zero tolerance for sexual assault or sexual harassment within our formations and this is something we cannot fail," said command sergeant major.He said there is no room for mistakes, as it can have serious effects on a person's life."Respect is very important to command sergeant major and I," said Col. Michelle Goyette, commander, 8th MP Brigade.She said dignity and respect is something that fosters the right type of climate within an organization and without it, it can effect the work environment, performance and readiness, and even retention efforts."You are also the eyes and ears of the commander, If you see something wrong I expect each and every one of you to confront that issue," said Goyette.Goyette conclude by saying that everyone is a valued member of the team and it is the leaders responsibility to enforce that throughout the formations.