Detroit Arsenal employees turned out in number for today's Patriot Day ceremony to remember and pay tribute to the lives lost September 11, 2001. The ceremony was held at the flagpole in front of Building 230.

The ceremony began with a narrative detailing the history, purpose and meaning of Patriot Day. When terrorists attacked our nation 18 years ago, America as a nation was stunned. Overall 2,977 were killed in the September 11th attacks another 6,000 wounded. Of those killed, 414 were first responders.

In tribute to those first responders, Detroit Arsenal firefighters placed a pair of boots and a helmet at the base of the flagpole before lowering the installation flag to half-staff.

The TACOM Command Chaplain Scott Koeman offered a moment of silence and a prayer. His message reflected on those who lost their lives and the thousands scarred by the tragic event.

"Enable us as a nation to move beyond the loss and build a land filled with hope," prayed Koeman. "Hope that looks forward to your promises and hope that provides a way through the cycle of violence and war."

Garrison Manager Joseph Moscone spoke a message of strength and resilience. He encouraged everyone to reflect on that day and he encouraged the workforce to go about their day but keep the memories and heroes of September 11 in their thoughts.

"The terror that rained down on our nation that day was designed to replace our freedom with fear. It actually bolstered our resolve and became the defining moment in what would become our next greatest generation," said Moscone. "How we remember that day is a mark not of America's weakness, but a mark of our resilient spirit."

He stated that today was a day of reflection and thanked our military and gold star families for their selfless service as well as the guards and firefighters at the arsenal.

"We will always remember those we lost September 11, 2001 and the countless others impacted by those losses," said Moscone. "We also honor and thank those who protect us today."

The Detroit Arsenal Unit Ministry Choir opened the ceremony with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and were joined by the crowd for God Bless America.