The Training Management Directorate (TMD), Combined Arms Center-Training (CAC-T) recently added an additional training management tool, the Digital Job Book, to help first line leaders and individual Soldiers view and manage training records without the need for a Digital Training Management System (DTMS) account.The Digital Job Book opens to two separate tools; The Small Unit Leader tool and the My Job Book tool. When given the proper permissions and having the right subordinate personnel aligned to the leader by the unit's DTMS manager, The Small Unit Leader tool provides company level and below leaders the ability to easily manage and update their subordinate's training, qualification and readiness data. The My Job Book tool allows every Soldier in the Army to view and verify their individual training data.The Small Unit Leader tool provides first line leaders the ability to update training data in mass or by individual Soldier. The tool includes tabs for Unit Course Registration (Army Training Requirements and Resource System (ATRRS) courses the Soldiers are programed to attend), Record Mass Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), Record Mass Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), Record Mass Height and Weight, Record Mass Weapons Assignment, Record Mass Weapons Qualification, and Record Mass Tasks. Leaders can also easily export subordinate's training and qualification information into an Excel Workbook that allows users to save, filter, or print the individual's last training data.My Job Book is a tool that provides Soldiers the means to review and verify training and qualification data that is entered and saved in DTMS. Soldiers can view their Unit Course Registration, Physical Training, Weapons Qualification, Training Schedules and Tasks assigned or completed information.Three tutorials are available to address specific users' requirements. The Getting Started tutorial is designed for DTMS Managers and provides a step by step demonstration on how to build subordinate organizations, align Soldiers to those sub-units, and provide management permissions to leaders who are designated to use the Small Unit Leader portion of the Digital Job Book. The Small Unit Leader Tool tutorial provides designated Leaders instructions for entering and managing their subordinate's training, qualification and readiness data, while the My Job Book tutorial provides instructions to individual Soldiers who choose to review and verify their training and qualification data.The Digital Job Book is easily accessed from either the Army Training Network (ATN) or Army Knowledge Online (AKO). From ATN, the Digital Job Book link is prominently located towards the bottom of the homepage. Once selected, the Digital Job Book page opens, providing a brief description of its capabilities, access to the tools, and links to associated tutorials. Links to the Digital Job Book can also be found in the ATN Menu, or at If using AKO, the Digital Job Book page can be accessed through the My Training Tab (MT2).The TMD Help Desk is available to provide support of the Digital Job Book related questions and issues from 0500-2100 (CST) Monday-Friday and 0800-1700 (CST) Saturday and Sunday. Contact the TMD Help Desk at (913) 684-2700, DSN: 552-2700, or toll-free at (877) 241-0347 to enroll in one of our courses or for additional assistance; email assistance is also available at: