FORT EUSTIS, Virginia - Today, the Wolfpack welcomed a new commander into its fold during a Change of Command Ceremony at Fort Eustis, Virginia's Transportation Museum.Making the transfer official, orders were read and the unit colors were passed from the outgoing 690th Rapid Port Opening commander, Maj. Brett Dunning, to the 832nd Transportation Battalion commander, then lastly to the newly appointed incoming Commander, Maj. Christopher Fields.Fields, a native of Los Angeles, California enlisted in the Army in 2002 to work as an Army Legal Specialist. At the conclusion of his enlistment, he went on to attend the University of California-Los Angeles where he enrolled in ROTC which culminated in his commission as an Ordinance Officer in the U.S. Army.Prior to being assigned to Fort Eustis, he has held numerous command and staff positions to include Company Executive Officer, Company Commander, Battalion Adjutant Officer and Aide de Camp to a two star general.He has two previous overseas deployments and his awards include the Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, three Army Commendation Medals and three Army Achievement Medals among others."I am truly honored and privileged to command such a reputable organization," Fields told the formation of gathered troops, family members and well-wishers. "I vow to give each of you my 100 percent." Saying goodbye was Maj. Brett Dunning.Over the past two years, Dunning led the Wolfpack through a series of high profile Turbo Distribution Exercises and served as the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's Liaison Officer during the deployment of the 690th RPOE to Ponce, Puerto Rico in the aftermath of devastating Hurricane Maria in 2017."My goal when taking command was not only to improve the unit's ability to conduct its job through improved training and understanding of the Joint Task Force-Port Opening mission as a whole," Dunning said. "But to also improve the unit's camaraderie and morale as well.""My two years in command have been very memorable, some of the greatest times in my Army Career," he lamented. "The 690th Wolfpack will forever be in my thoughts, and I will be following the unit from afar as my family and I make our transition to my next assignment at Fort Hood, Texas."Dunning thanked those who helped him during his command and urged the Soldiers to continue their tradition of excellence for their new commander.By virtue of Dunning's departure, not only was the Wolfpack losing a member, the 832nd Transportation Battalion was also losing a valued member."Major Dunning, you will be missed," said 832nd Transportation Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Thomas Patterson as he took his turn at the podium to address the crowd. "You stood at the tip of the spear, ensuring your team was ready to deploy on a moment's notice to provide Port Opening operations for the Department of Defense as the Global Response Force. You proved that you could handle the mission right out of the gate and never looked backā€¦.and we thank you."