HANOVER, N.H. (July 18, 2019) -- "It's the first time the Corps' Water Quality Committee has met at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center's Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, said committee co-chair, Erich Emery. "I don't think we were aware of the diversity of research that goes on here."The primary reason for the group's committee's visit to Hanover July 16-18 was to review and contribute to a recently undertaken CRREL initiative to build an enterprise water quality database. Committee member J.J. Baum of the Sacramento District) also presented an overview of Corps water quality activities during the weekly Ron Liston Seminar.Emery said the committee meets annually at different Corps sites to ensure they're not overlooking any location-unique issues. "We're made up of a cross-section of water quality experts who represent the entire Corps," he said. "The committee evaluates the state of the art, identifies problem areas, recommends studies, disseminates information and provides consulting services."The members also discussed harmful algal blooms and reviewed existing guidance related to water quality. In addition, they worked on a draft agenda to support an upcoming USACE National Water Quality Workshop scheduled for February 2020.The Remote Sensing/Geographic Information System Center of Expertise hosted the event. The CRREL-based group is responsible for the Nation's National Levee and Ice Jam Databases.