Dragon Soldiers from near and far converged on Fort Leonard Wood June 24 through 28 to celebrate 101 years of the U.S. Army Chemical Regiment's history.

Events began June 24 in Nutter Field House with a dual ceremony welcoming a new command team for 3rd Chemical Brigade. The following day brought the regiment's spouses together for a day of weapons familiarization, skeet shooting and a tour of the newly remodeled Chemical Defense Training Facility during the CBRN Spouse's Day event.

Those in the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear profession visited Nutter Field House to view technology and resources developed for the CBRN community during the Chemical Corps Regimental Association 2019 CBRN Exhibition June 25 and 26.

In the early morning hours of June 26, guest speaker retired Command Sgt. Maj. Patrick Alston led the regiment in paying homage to fallen Dragon Soldiers during the annual Honor to Our Fallen Sunrise Service held at the Chemical Memorial Grove.

Alston said it is important to honor those who have fallen and to live a purpose-driven life so they did not perish in vain.

"As we honor these fallen Dragon Soldiers today, I will tell you that we must honor them with the understanding that their life was a life of purpose. And as you don this uniform, you don it with a purpose," Alston said. "You don it with the purpose that says you are your brother's keeper. That you are going to ensure that freedom reigns in this great country of ours each and every day."

Following the service, leaders gathered for a two-day, by-invitation-only CBRN Warfighter Forum at the Digital Training Facility through June 27.

Soldiers and friends of the regiment kicked off June 27 on Gammon Field with the early morning Chemical Corps Regimental Run. Later that morning Col. Daryl Hood, U.S. Army CBRN School commandant, gave the State of the Regiment address along with the presentation of the Sibert Awards, Hall of Fame and Distinguished Members of the Corps Induction Ceremony in Lincoln Hall Auditorium.

During the State of the Regiment address held June 27, Col. Daryl Hood, U.S. Army CBRN School commandant, talked about the important part chemical Soldiers will have in large-scale combat operations. He said the corps is ready to successfully fulfil this mission.

"Dragon Soldiers, CBRN warriors, the Chemical Corps' mission is to conduct operations -- to protect the force and our nation from weapons of mass destruction, CBRN threats and hazards," Hood said. "While the intent is to achieve and maintain peace, we must be ready for war, and I believe that we are."

Hood added, "When the environment changes we will respond to crisis and execute contingency operations…when all else fails we will execute large-scale combat operations. What is the state of our regiment? By now, I believe you understand that we are ready."

The week culminated June 28 with the Green Dragon Ball at Nutter Field House.