HONOLULU, Hawaii (July 1, 2019) -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Pacific Ocean Division (POD), is looking to expand their team of experts across the region, hiring at all four districts, with locations in Honolulu, Alaska, Korea and Japan, as well as POD's regional headquarters, also located in Hawaii.

"We're looking for the top engineers/scientists across multiple disciplines, as well as construction control inspectors or representatives, architects, contracting liaisons, program managers, and other specialty and administrative staff," said Jimmy Lam, POD's human capital manager.

Interested prospective employees are asked to send resumes to podrecruitment@usace.army.mil or to call (808) 202-0523.

"We have a vibrant program here in the Pacific, and the demand for dynamic experts at the entry, journeyman and senior levels have increased in concert with this upward trajectory. We're taking resumes now to stay ahead," he said.

POD, which boasts a majority civilian workforce, has a mission focused on integrating USACE capabilities and delivering engineering solutions to protect and advance the nation's interests, and enhance stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

POD's mission contributes to the National Military Strategy, and includes a $25 billion program in Japan, as well as other vital work in the region, to include Missile Defense throughout the Pacific. Work also includes opportunities for travel throughout the Pacific in support of the National Security Strategy in order to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific for all countries to prosper.

Their projects range from civil works, military missions, international/interagency, contingency operations, research and development, real estate and geospatial.

Craig Ueda, a POD regional program manager in Honolulu, has worked at one of POD"s overseas districts, where he most recently worked from 2009 until last year. "Working in the Pacific Region has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career - both professionally and personally. Not only are the programs and projects truly 'world-class', but working hand-in-hand with our host nation partners provides a unique opportunity to learn and grow," Ueda said.

Prior to Ueda's tour overseas, he served at the Honolulu District after another tour abroad. "USACE provides numerous incentives, such as housing and post allowances that allow you to enjoy life abroad while supporting long term financial goals," added Ueda.

Another POD employee, Mark Jones, Japan Engineer District's chief of engineering, has worked for 30 years as an engineer in the U.S, but for the past four years, he and his family have worked overseas. He calls his tour to Japan the most gratifying. "I use all my U.S. training and experience but have to incorporate that with a new culture, methods of design and construction here in Japan in order to deliver on our commitments. An added benefit to this assignment is my family loves it too!"

Lam also discussed the organization's pursuit of offering more than a job, but a lifestyle. "We're focused not just on building things, but building people, teams, community and quality. I think that's what makes us stand out to our prospective employees and partners," Lam said.

Candidates from the commercial sector, as well as current department of defense professionals are welcomed to inquire and send in their resumes. "There's a perception that you have to be a current government employee to get through the application system. That's not so any more. There are new programs in place that have made hiring the best, easier, while still maintaining all merit system principles and equal opportunity hiring principles" Lam said.

POD currently holds a prestigious workplace designation, the highest of its kind, issued through the Partnership for Public Service's annual ranking, published in December.

A federal survey conducted with POD staff, showed 89 percent of employees would recommend their organization to others as a good place to work. Results also show current and prospective employees insight on leadership, pay, innovation, work-life balance and as well as other considerations.

Brig. Gen. Thomas Tickner, POD commanding general, says the award is a reflection of its most valuable resource. "We're a world class workplace because of our people. We work to recruit the best and the brightest, and then invest in our workforce through career broadening assignments and leadership development programs at all levels. I think we've also been able to develop a work culture that's centered on ohana, or family. This means our leaders put their people first, knowing that the mission will follow. So when you take POD's highly talented, diverse and adaptive workforce, and combine that with leaders who care, you get a winning combination."

POD's Japan District also holds a current 'Best Place to Work" designation.