In just a few short days, the nation will celebrate 243 years of freedom and independence on July 4th. Most Americans celebrate the holiday with barbeques, spending time with their families and fireworks.Fireworks and the Fourth of July are synonymous and while some cities and local area attractions host public firework displays, some people chose to create their own displays at home. For those who reside on Fort Jackson, fireworks are not permitted. However, those who live off-post may have the option to purchase and use their own fireworks.While hosting a home fireworks display can be fun, it can lead to personal injury, property damages and fires. By following a few easy safety tips, families can enjoy the grandest of home firework displays without fear of accidentally hurting themselves or others, losing a home's roof to fire damage or shattering the windows of a beloved car."A lot of people have fun with fireworks but unfortunately, they are prohibited on the installation," said Fort Jackson Police Chief Zackary Wise. "A lot of people tend to take more risks and instead of putting (a firework) in a bottle and wearing gloves and eye protection, they tend to do some 'fun' tricks and it just doesn't always work out for people doing that."Also be aware of illegal fireworks such as M-80, M-100 or M-250 fireworks. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, these M-class fireworks are often produced illegally and without quality control measures. These fireworks often times have very short fuses which can result in severe injuries."I have seen fireworks related injuries and it doesn't look good," Wise said.By following these simple tips, you can prevent injuries such as loss of eye sight, hearing and limbs. "We just want to make sure that everyone remains safe during the Fourth of July holiday," Wise said. "Just think before you take action."