U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Clint E. Walker, deputy commanding general of 1st Theater Sustainment Command (1TSC) met with Maj. Gen. Ali A. Al-Shanfa, Kuwait Army chief of staff for logistics and supply, during a key leadership engagement in Kuwait City, Kuwait, June 26, 2019.Walker and Al-Shanfa discussed varies topic regarding moving the combined forces forward and building partnerships. "We had the opportunity to meet with Maj. Gen. Al-Shanfa, who is the Kuwait Ministry of Defense J-4, who basically has the responsibility to support the Kuwait Army," said Walker. " The whole purpose of the key leader engagement was to work to maintain a relationship between 1st Theater Sustainment Command and the Kuwait forces for partnering and building capabilities."Logistics is a key factor in a successful mission; combining knowledge, skills, and technological capabilities between the partner nation armed forces is necessary."They want some assistance with improving their logistics processes. We have expertise in that area, they have expertise in that area. We will learn something from each other. We are talking through our processes, showing and sharing. The Kuwaitis are tremendous partners with the United States." said Walker.Moving forward, the 1TSC will provide a dedicated liaison officer to the Kuwait Army to assist with maintaining and improving the partnership, particularly in logistics and supply.Lt. Col. Tim Harrelson serves as the 1TSC civil affairs officer, working daily to facilitate opportunities for growth with partner nation military forces across the Middle East. "Having a 1st Theater Sustainment Command officer at their facility, to help facilitate the cooperation between the U.S. military and Kuwait's logistics, will help us move forward with all current and future missions - for both forces." said Harrelson.