"The main purpose of this visit was to break down the civilian-military disconnect by educating these leaders on what the Army actually is and the educational programs it has to offer," said Lt. Col. David Foster, Commander of the Minneapolis recruiting battalion. "During this visit, the educators got to meet and speak with Paratroopers of the 307th BSB which helped break down some of the biases the educators might have had prior." These leader got to witness first-hand the day-to-day activities of Paratroopers in the 307th BSB. They rendered salute to the colors with Paratroopers before fitness activities at 6:30 a.m., toured the living quarters during room inspections, ate breakfast with Paratroopers at the Brigade dining facility, then toured the Brigade's Supply Support Activity facility (SSA). There, they got to see how an SSA stores and issue supplies to the Brigade as a whole. Warrant Officer One Shaun McKoy, the accountability officer of the 1BCT SSA, informed the leaders that 21 Paratroopers currently run the entire facility and their ability to fill orders rapidly has earned them the title of the number one SSA within Forces Command (FORCOM), and they are waiting to hear if they will win as the best SSA in the entire Department of the Army. After a full day of touring facilities and meeting Paratroopers, the leaders were impressed with how the Army trains and how it ensures civilian education is available to all Paratroopers in this diverse community. "Despite how demanding and challenging the day-to-day life of a Paratroopers is, they are still able to further their education through on-base college classes," said Mr. Ambrose R. Russel, founder and chairman of The Inner Hero organization in Minneapolis, MN. "One thing I would like the educators to take away is how well-structured the Brigade Combat Team is," said Master Sgt. Yadriana Kavitz, the support operations non-commissioned officer in-charge of 307th BSB. "It ensures soldiers meet all military/civilian educational needs, but more importantly it ensures they take care of their families while they're wearing this uniform."