FORT SILL, Okla. (May 23, 2019) -- Soldiers who are looking for specialized training opportunities, advanced leadership roles, unique cultural interface, and career incentives, might consider the Security Force Assistance Brigade. The SFAB hand-selects talented volunteer Soldiers to work as part of a team with a host nation's conventional force. Small SFAB teams advise, train, and assist a foreign army in infantry, cavalry, engineering, artillery, and combined arms warfare using that army's capabilities, according to SFAB public affairs guidance. SFABs are not designed for irregular warfare, or any of the missions that are unique to Special Forces.SFAB recruiters were here May 15-16, providing information and seeking volunteers during six briefings at Burleson Hall."We're looking for disciplined Soldiers who want to be on the (SFAB) team and can really think outside the box," said Sgt. Maj. Kevin DaGraca, Security Force Assistance Command recruiting, at Fort Bragg, N.C. "They take the initiative, they're physically fit, they want to deploy, and are open-minded and empathetic to our foreign nation forces."Currently SAFBs and teams are deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, he said. "In the future, we plan on seeing the brigades and teams all around the world."The SFAB is open to enlisted and officer in ranks sergeants and above in over 60 military occupational skills.Some Soldiers serve in an advisory role only, others advise and also perform mission command support. If a Soldier's MOS is not on the SFAB list, they can still be selected based on their experience, said Master Sgt. Matthew De Leon, 1st SFAB recruiting noncommissioned officer in charge.BASIC ELIGIBILITY -Must be deployable -Medical PULHES of 111221 or better -Army Physical Fitness Test score of 240+ (minimum of 85 on sit-ups and run, and min. of 70 on push-ups) -Must be eligible for a security clearance -No derogatory information in last three years in Official Military Personnel File (OMPF)Only two forms are required to apply for the SFAB: DA Form 4187, Personnel Action; and the SF 600, Chronological Record of Medical Care.The 4187 requires only signatures from the applicant and the first O-5 in his or her chain of command, said De Leon. The SF-600 is a medical screening, not a physical. The Soldier sees their physician assistant and the process takes about 15 minutes.The application process takes two to three weeks as it is processed through the Human Resources Command. Qualified applicants E-6 and below are invited to attend a two-day SFAB assessment at the DeGlopper Air Assault School at Fort Bragg, De Leon said. The assessment includes taking the APFT, MOS proficiency exam, 5-7 mile ruck march, peer evaluation, ethical dilemma essay, and an evaluation board appearance.Qualified E-7 and above and officers go through a telephone interview process.Soldiers who are selected to become SFAB advisers attend the 28-day Combat Advisor Training Course at Fort Benning, Ga. The curriculum includes culture training, negotiation tactics, building relationships, mission planning, and employing linguists.If Soldiers are not selected to become SAFB team members they will be told why, and can reapply in six months, De Leon said.Cannon crewmember Sgt. Tyrone Clark, D Battery, 1st Battalion, 19th Field Artillery, attended one of the briefings. He said he's been looking at SFAB opportunities for a while."I'm looking to do something outside my normal duties, something new, and career progression," said Clark, who has been in the Army for seven years.