COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Families from the Columbus, Georgia, area who are sponsoring military officers from across the world met their new guests during a dinner May 21 at the Columbus Museum here.The International Military Student Host Family Program provides international military students attending the 22-week Maneuver Captains Career Course at Fort Benning, Georgia, the opportunity to learn about American family life.The students come from Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Jordan, South Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey and Zambia.As part of the program, the families are set to host the students at their home and to share their knowledge of the U.S. and the Columbus, Georgia, area. In kind the families will learn about the country their military officer guests hail from.Further events to help the students learn about American life include a visit to Columbus Government Services and the Muscogee County Jail, a multi-day southeastern tour in Jacksonville, Florida, and a Washington, D.C. tour.To see more photos from the dinner event May 21, visit the "Related Links" section on this page.