The Fort Riley Tax Center has wrapped up the 2018 tax season with 5,809 federal and 2,886 state returns filed resulting in more than $8 million dollars in refunds. By filing at the tax center, Fort Riley Soldiers and their families saved more than $1.3 million in preparation fees, said Capt. Joshua Goetting, chief of Legal Assistance, Staff Judge Advocate.

"I think what's important to know is considering the amount of deployed Soldiers, we had anticipated a huge decline in services that we were going to provide," said attorney, Elizabeth Thurston, Fort Riley Tax Center officer in charge. "But I think we were only about 800 short from last year."

During a ceremony on April 16 to celebrate the end of the tax season, 10 Soldiers and three civilians were recognized and awarded for their work at the tax center, but they received more than just commendations.

"First and foremost, they received IRS training and certification, which is a great plus for the Soldiers doing this," Goetting said.

Thurston said even though the tax center building is closed, preparation services are still available at the Staff Judge Advocate's office, 216 Custer Ave.

"As a matter of fact, we've already forwarded the number -- the 785-239-1040," she said. "So, they can call, make an appointment and still be able to get their taxes done."

Goetting said he wants Soldiers to know that no matter what their tax issue is, if they filed an extension, they still have to do their taxes this year.

"If they have things that came up, for instance, if they get a letter from their state saying, 'we need a copy of your military orders' or something like that," he said. "They can still come into the main JAG office, and we can help them with the full service of tax preparation services."