Gloria Williams, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Document Management Oversight branch traffic management specialist, received her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, May 1.The LSS Green Belt program trains professionals to increase efficiency and eliminate waste by improving quality and effectiveness through statistical control. These professionals examine processes and/or serve as a team member on complex improvement projects. Williams earned her Green Belt for cutting overall manifesting timelines from eight days to four days.Her supervisor and LSS sponsor, Todd Goetz, DMO chief, obtained his Green Belt last year, and nominated Williams to build upon her strengths and make the DMO branch stronger. He said he believes in the program's methods and overall intent towards process improvement."She is a kind, driven and ambitious professional with a customer-focus approach," he said."LSS is a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation. This means DMO will be empowered to challenge process improvement initiatives with the intent to be innovative and streamline results," he added.Williams, who has been with SDDC for 30 years, said she welcomed the challenge of achieving her Green Belt to better her team."I decided to obtain my Green Belt to leave a legacy to our DMO team," she said. "The 'Hotlist Days Un-manifested' has been an ongoing concern and I wanted us to have a metric attached to the days un-manifested."Working on her Green Belt meant balancing workdays with study time, something she accomplished with the help of mentor Rick Rodriquez and Goetz. Now that her program is complete, Williams said she feels a sense of accomplishment in her day-to-day job - especially with the new tools created. It has also inspired her to gain an additional certification."My due diligence is to ensure booked cargo movement is approved and processed in the Integrated Booking System-Commercial Sealift Solutions," she said. "Sharing my Green Belt tools such as the Pipeline Asset Tool and the Shipper Performance Portal Hotlist also prompted me to apply and complete the Demonstrated Master Logistician certification."Her message to Surface Warriors on the fence about whether or not to pursue LSS certifications is a simple one."Let us adjust the thought process to 'what if' your idea makes an impact to the mission and provides a solution," she said.