(May 1, 2019) -- Primo Maggio (May 1) is Italian Labor Day (Festa dei Lavoratori) as officially proclaimed in 1947. Labor Day celebrates the workforce and was first established in Paris in 1889. It was created to remember the huge strike by workmen asking for better human working conditions in Chicago after May 1, 1886, riots between police and demonstrators. Eleven workmen were killed in the riots.

Today, Primo Maggio is an occasion to talk about safety in the workplace, equal opportunity for women, and improvement of working conditions for all labor forces. Traditionally, the holiday is celebrated with a free concert event in Rome, in Saint Giovanni's Square, with many music bands and famous singers.

May is also the month for Mother's Day almost all over the world. In Italy and the United States of America, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Its origins grounds in the pagan cults of fertility and motherhood. Today, Mother's Day is a way to pay homage all mothers and their important roles in the family and society.

In Italy, the first National Mother's Day (Giornata Nazionale della Madre e del Fanciullo -- National Day of Mother and Child) was first proclaimed on Christmas Eve 1933, in order to award the most prolific mothers of Italy. Later, in the 1950's, the celebration was moved to May. Traditionally, children offer gifts, such as drawings or handcrafted works, and they recite short poems or lyrics to their mother.

The modern version of Mother's Day has been criticized for having become too commercialized and having lost the original meaning. Despite that, the tradition is still strong and, to quote W. R. Wallace's famous poem, it is important to remember that: "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world." (1865)

Veneto & Nearby
Basilica of Saints Felice and Fortunato
May 3, 8:30 p.m. In the most ancient basilica in Vicenza, a concert with music by Haydn played by piano performer Sirandrás Schiff accompanied by the Schola San Rocco Choir directed by Maestro F. Erle. Cost: €70 central seats, €50 for side seats; reduced €30 for under 30.

Sagra dell'Ottava--Monteviale/Easter Week Festival
May 3-4, weekdays 7-10 p.m.; Sundays, noon-10 p.m., Monteviale (Vicenza). "Ottava" (octave) is the eighth day following a church holiday, and this festival follows Easter Sunday. Food booths feature a wide variety of local specialties; live music and dancing start at 8:30 p.m.

Teatro Civico Astra -- Schio (Vicenza)/Astra Theater of Schio
May 4, 9 p.m., Via Maraschin 19, Schio. The Raskornika Orchestra in Balcanikaos with Andrea Kaemmerle. Tickets vary from €25 (first row seats) to €15 (balcony). For information: info@teatrocivicoschio.it, Tel: 0445-52-5577.

Teatro Olimpico-Omaggio a Palladio
Olympic Theater--Homage to Palladio
Piazza Matteotti 11, Vicenza. On the stage of the most famous theater in Italy, the "XXII Homage to Palladio" event offers three concerts to honor Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. Tickets online at biglietteria@tcvi.it:
May 4, 8:30 p.m., piano and orchestra concert, music by Beethoven and Mozart. Piano performer Sirandrás Schiff with Schola San Rocco Choir directed by Maestro F. Erle. Cost: €70; €30 for under 30.
May 5, 8:30 p.m., piano and orchestra concert, music by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Piano performer Sirandrás Schiff with Schola San Rocco Choir directed by Maestro F. Erle. Cost: €70; €30 for under 30.

Poetry Vicenza Festival-5th Edition
At Leone Montanari Palace, Contra` Santa Caterina 25, Vicenza, Tel: 800-57-8875.
Through May 26, "Poetry Vicenza" hosts poets, lecturers and musicians from all over the world for an international festival of poetry and music. Entrance is free.

May 4, 6 p.m., Pariano Payrou (Spain) lecturer and Lidija Bajuk (Croatia) guitar
May 11, 6 p.m., Paolo Febbraro & Alberto Cantone
May 13, 6 p.m., Paolo Fresu presents jazz poems
May 17, 6 p.m., Alessio Brandolini and Daniel Clabrese (Argentina) and Victor Valisena, guitar. NOTE: This event takes place at Odeo Olimpico, Largo Goethe 3, Vicenza.

May 25, 6 p.m., Jorge Maximino (Portugal) Andrew Greig (Scotland) and Ida Travi (Italy). Music by R. Martin Duo (sax and double bass).

May 26, 8:30 p.m. at TheArtsBox, Contrà S. Paolo 23, Vicenza, the final performance with a multiple voice lectures by Ida Travi, Jorge Maximino and Andrew Greig. Guitar played by Tanzola and Bassato.

Palio di Romano/Old Districts Festival
Through May 5, Romano D'Ezzelino, Via Roma and surrounding roads, about 26 miles north of Vicenza. Food booths featuring local specialties open at 7 p.m.; music and dancing start at 9 p.m. May 5: 3:30 p.m. historical parade and flag-throwers show; vintage bicycles exhibit; traditional donkey race and award ceremony.

Bottega Scuola Accademia--Verona
Through May 5, 9 a.m.-18:45 p.m., art show from 1570 until the plague of 1630 at Castelvecchio Museum, Corso Castelvecchio 2, Verona. Ticket: €6; €4.5 for over 65, €1 for students and free for under 8.

TEATRO OLIMPICO/Olympic Theater - Vicenza
Piazza Matteotti 11, Vicenza:
May 8, 9 p.m., Nicola Losito piano in partnership with the Pianist Academia of Imola in Nocturne of Chopin. Cost: €30, €25 over 60, and €15 for under 25.

May 23, 9p.m. Star Lights "Bel Canto e Belle Epoque" (Nice Sing and Belle Epoque) a potpourri of lyric, music and ballet. Victoria Luamina, mezzo-soprano, Massimo Di Stefano, baritone, Denis Zanotto piano, Enrico Balboni, violin and Ottavia Ancettti, ballet. Cost: €30, €25 over 60, and €15 for under 25.

Antica Fiera di Primavera/Spring Festival
May 9-19, Camisano Vicentino, Vicenza. Nightly food booths in Piazza della Costituzione feature local specialties; carnival rides in Piazza del Vicariato Civile and Piazza della Costituzione; vintage vehicles exhibit in Piazza Pio X and Piazza Umberto I. Starting at 9 p.m., live country music and dancing.

International Craft Beer Meeting
May 10-11, 4-11:35 p.m., Bolzano, Castel Mareccio, Via Claudia de Medici 12. The €20 entrance fee includes a beer glass and tokens to taste seven different beers; more tokens available for purchase during your visit. Guided tours and workshops.

Verona Legend Cars
May 11-12, 9-7 p.m., Verona Fiere, Viale del Lavoro 8. This exhibit is a leap from past to present with a large exhibit and parades of vintage cars as well as stands devoted to new models from major manufacturers with areas for test drives. A variety of the most sought-after spare parts and numerous miniature models to build, sell and buy. Entrance fee: €14 adults; €11 under 17; free for under 12 and persons with disabilities.

Sagra dell'Asparago/Asparagus Festival
Through May 12, Marola, Torri di Quartesolo. Food booths featuring asparagus dishes and other local specialties open at 6:30 p.m. live music and dancing nightly starts at 9 p.m.

Green Day at Grisignano
May 18, 10:30 a.m. Green Tour of 5 km to perform by bicycle, on foot or on horseback through the ciclovia (bicycle path). Departure from Barbano, Via Palladio, to Grisignano di Zocco. Food and beverage booths along the way and refreshment at the arrival point by 1 p.m. Information: www.comune.grisignano.vi.it .

"Beyond the Pillars of Hercules, Looking for a New Moon"
24th edition of Jazz Festival downtown. Information: www.vicenzajazz.org. In case of inclement weather, open-door events will take place at Teatro Comunale, Vicenza. Buy tickets online at biglietteria@tcvi.it; or at Teatro Comunale, Viale Mazzini 39, Vicenza (Tel 0444-324442):
May 9, 9 p.m., Auditorium Phonato, Thiene, "Inner Sounds." Buy ticket online at www.vivaticket.it .
May 10, 9 p.m., Teatro Comunale, Vicenza, C. Valdex Jazz Batá Quartet.
May 11, 9 p.m., Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza, Roy Paci & Aretuska. Free entrance.
May 12, 9 p.m., Olympic Theater, Vicenza, Uri Cine Trio in "Calibrated Thickness."
May 13, 9 p.m., Teatro Comunale, Vicenza, P. Erskine & The Dr. UM Band.
May 14, 9 p.m., Olympic Theater, Vicenza, Paolo Fresu "A solo."
May 15, 9 p.m., Teatro Comunale, Vicenza, M. Ottolini & F. Bossi in "Storyville."
May 16, 9 p.m., Olympic Theater, Vicenza, Shai Maestro Trio and Akinmusire & Virelles.
May 17, 9 p.m., Teatro Comunale, Vicenza, Top Jazz Night with the best jazz men.
May 18, 9 p.m., Olympic Theater, Vicenza, Enrico Rava & Michel Portal in "Free Connection."
May 19, 9 p.m., Olympic Theater, Vicenza, Jorge Rossy and Pietro Tonolo with the School Muisic "Pedrollo" Clinic Ensemble in "Lennie's Pennies."

Verona World War II Museum
Forte Lugagnano, Via Lugagnano 87, Verona
The museum is open on the following dates:
May 12, June 16, Sept. 8, Oct. 13, Nov. 10 and Dec. 8, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. "Vivere la Storia" (Living History) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the military history of Northern Italy during World War II. The newly opened museum details the American, British, Italian and German experiences in WWII and displays original military equipment and historical memorabilia that will transport visitors back in time. Entrance is free. For information: www.viverelastoria.it .

Sagra dell'Asparago/Asparagus Festival
Through May 12, 7-10 p.m., San Zeno di Cassola (Vicenza) at the theater tent. Food booths feature a variety of dishes prepared with the white asparagus from Bassano and other local specialties. Free entrance. For information: www.facebook.com/asparagoedintorni .

Matinée at Chiericati
Palazzo Chiericati, Piazza Matteotti 37, Vicenza. Morning concerts with musicians from Olympic Theater Orchestra. Tickets available at Palazzo Chiericati at €5. Reservation recommended at segreteria@.orchestraolimpico.it:
May 12, 11 a.m., Maestro J. Di Tonno directs four cellos with music by Debussy and Ravel.
May 19, 11 a.m., Maestro D. Sanson directs P. Ferraris, flute; M. Spada, oboe; F. Capra, clarinet; and E. Capparucci, bassoon. Music by Ravel, Barber and Milhaud.
May 26, 11 a.m., Maestro E. Fioravanti directs four double basses with music by Lehar, Bizet, Ludovisi and Garcia.

30a Sagra della Bondola/30th Bondola Festival
May 24 -- June 3, Torrebelvicino, Via Fogazzaro. Special Edition for the 30th anniversary of the festival. Latin music and dance with food stands featuring the bondola, a typical local product based on pork, and local specialties. Open at 7 p.m.; live music starts at 9 p.m.

Palazzo Chiericati Musiche per un Viaggio
(Music for Travel)
The last two events to conclude Saturdays' Music Travels at Chiericati Palace:
May 18, 6 p.m., violins and piano for a "travel among seducing chamber music," music by Brahms performed by N. Possente, A. Petrella and P. Guiotto. Performance will be followed by a toast with artists. Entrance is free, but donations are welcomed.
June 15, 6 p.m., "Travel to the Moon" with Trio Vega, formed by A. Petrella, M. Balcati and P. Guiotto, music by Barnabò and Martinu. Performance will be followed by a toast with artists. Entrance is free, but donations are welcomed.

Bentornata Primavera--Riaprono le risorgive del Bacchiglione
Welcome Back Spring--Bacchiglione River springs reopen
Through Sept. 29, Dueville Natural Park (25 hectares) reopens to children, families and birdwatching. Sundays and Italian holidays, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Entrance is from Via Bissolati, Dueville or from Via Bosco, Villaverla (Vicenza). Cost is €2 adults; €5 families; free for older than 65 and younger than 10. Guided tours may be organized to visit the park and some areas usually closed to public. The Bacchiglione River springs are part of one of the largest aquifers in Europe.

Da Kandinsky a Botero. Tutti in un filo-Venezia
From Kandinsky to Botero. All in one thread-Venice
Through Sept. 30, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Palazzo Zaguri, Calle Zaguri, Campo San Maurizio (Saint Maurice's square), Venice. An incredible collection of 100 tapestries reproducing the artists' masterpieces. Cost is €16; audio guides and headsets included.

Casole Fiorita/Flower Festival
May 4 & 5, starting at 2 p.m. and May 5, 9 a.m., Casole D'Else (Siena). Flowers, plants, honey and other local products exhibit and sale; games and workshops for children. Free entrance.

Sagra del Pesce/Fish Festival
May 4 & 5, Massarosa (Lucca). Food booths featuring local fish and other specialties open at 7 p.m. and on Sunday at noon. In the evening, boat rides with tasting of local wines; bike rental; live music and dancing start at 8:30 p.m.

A Siena i Maestri Nordici/Nordic Painters in Siena
Through May 5, 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Santa Maria Della Scala, Siena. Nordic painters masterpieces, such as those of Dürer, Atdorfer and Vredeman de Vries, are exposed for a remarkable approach to Flemish art. Entrance: €9.

Ponte in Festa (Siena)/Festival at the bridge
Through May 5, Ponte (bridge) d'Arbia (Monteroni D'Arbia, Siena), Casa del Popolo, Via Romana 11. Food booths, feature "pici," a homemade local pasta, and other local specialties. Entertainment for children; live music and dancing every night.

Passaggi Arte Contemporanea-Pisa/Contemporary Art-Pisa
Through May 9, 6 p.m. Pisa, Via Garofani 14. Photos and sculpture exhibit by Nicoló Cecchella, Darren Harvey-Regan and Marco Maria Zanin. Free entrance.

MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship
May 10-12, Imola (Bologna)
The Motul FIM Superbike World Championship, the highest championship reserved for motorcycles derived from the series, makes a new stage in Imola May 10-12 as the 5th round of the season. Ticket cost varies from €40 to €100. Information: www.worldsbk.com.

Sagra del Cinghiale/Wild Boar Festival
Through May 12, Certaldo (Florence), at the Centro Comunale Polyvalent, Viale Matteotti 201. Opens Sundays and Italian holidays at noon and at 8 p.m.; weekdays at 8 p.m.; food booths feature many local specialties in addition to the wild boar dishes. For information: http://www.sagradelcinghialecertaldo.it/.

Peroni Car Race Weekend
May 24-26, Imola (Bologna)
The Peroni Race Weekend is one of the classic four-wheeled events of Imola Autodrome. The flagship of this first date is the Italian Tourism Cup. Throughout the weekend, there are three days of racing that includes Clio Cup Italy, Clio Cup France, Lotus Cup Italy, Seven Race Series, Italian Auto Historical Championship, and Alfa Revival Cup. Saturday and Sunday free access to Paddock and Tribuna A (Central). Information: www.gruppoperonirace.it.

Art Exhibit--Pisa
Through May 26, 9:30 a.m.-7.30 p.m., Arsenali Repubblicani (Republican Arsenals) of Pisa, video art show that runs from Fiamming art to the magic atmospheres of Bosch, Brueghel and Arcimbold. Fifty-four projectors lead visitors to a parallel world for a full immersion experience with masterpieces which are, in most cases, not available to the public. Ticket: €13.

Mostra Personale su Kiki Smith-Firenze
Kiki Smith's Personal Exhibition-Florence
Through June 2, 8:15 a.m.-6:50 p.m., Pitti Palace, Florence. A personal exhibition entitled "What I Saw on the Road" by Kiki Smith, a contemporary artist whose works are displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York. Ticket: €16. Closed Mondays.

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