WIESBADEN, Germany - Volunteers from the Amelia Earhart Playhouse award-winning production of "Avenue Q" brought two songs from their show to the opening of the April 26 Volunteer Recognition Ceremony at the Community Activity Center and reminded guests that, "when you help others, you can't help helping yourself."U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Commander Col. Noah Cloud said he agreed with the message from lead puppet Princeton and his neighbors from Avenue Q."When we give selflessly to others," Cloud said, "it benefits us as individuals, and it helps us be happier people. Spread that message to others and encourage them to get out there and give of their time and their energy and find the joy that comes with being a selfless servant."Volunteers and volunteer organizations were honored during the ceremony for giving more than 87,000 hours of their time to the community, a value of more than $2.2 million for the garrison."As the garrison commander I represent the community and I want to say thank you to all those who give your time selflessly to the community," Cloud said.One of the emcees for the evening and a regular volunteer for Wiesbaden's Armed Forces Network radio station, Lily Wright said when she first moved to the community she was looking for a way to use her talents while looking for a job."I like to talk," she told the crowd. Based on her interest, the Army Community Service team matched Wright to a spot at AFN where she helped with the morning show.Besides AFN, volunteer opportunities are available across the community in garrison services as well as with Family readiness groups, the American Red Cross, USO, scouting organizations, the Wiesbaden Community Spouses' Club and more. The garrison is also working on developing more volunteer opportunities for those with specialized skills, Cloud said. To search for volunteer opportunities, sign up through Army OneSource at www.myarmyonesource.com or contact Mary Cheney, ACS volunteer coordinator, at (0611) 143-548-9202 or stop by ACS, Bldg. 7790 on Hainerberg.Volunteers recognized at the ceremony included: Category I Organization of the Year: Boy Scout Troop 107, 1,794 volunteer hours Category II Organization of the Year: Amelia Earhart Playhouse, 1,887 volunteer hours Category III Organization of the Year: 66th Military Intelligence Brigade Family Readiness Group, 1,255 volunteer hours Category IV Organization of the Year: Wiesbaden Community Spouses' Club Thrift Shop, 5,952 volunteer hours Military Volunteer of the Year: (tie) Sgt. 1st Class William Young and Spc. Shantel Phillips Adult Family Member Volunteer of the Year: Amber Koeckritz Family Volunteer of the Year: The Ellwein Family Youth Volunteer of the Year: Ryan Stein Retiree Volunteer of the Year: retired Sgt. Maj. Dave Stewart