CAMP CASEY, Republic of Korea - Remembrances are a way for us to connect with key, and sometimes unfortunate, dates in history so that we never forget them.Soldiers from 210th Field Artillery Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division/ROK-U.S. Combined Division attended an interactive Holocaust Remembrance here, April 12.Chaplain (Capt.) Caleb Schumacher, 1st Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment (FAR) chaplain and native of Twin Lakes, Mich., spoke with passion and sincerity during his opening remarks before a large group of leaders, Soldiers and guests. All bowed their heads."May we never forget the lessons we learned from this time period in history," said Schumacher.The entire remembrance revolved around visuals, history and humanity.Sgt. Krisceda Cotton, native of Gaston, S.C., signal support systems specialist and 1-38 FAR's equal opportunity leader, planned the remembrance which included more than 20 pieces of imagery and information that brought Soldiers closer to the significance of the Holocaust.Although International Holocaust Remembrance Day was January 27, there is perhaps always cause to host such an important event regardless of what the calendar says."We're here to remember the Holocaust - not only to remember what happened but not to forget and let it happen again," said Cotton.Soldiers walked through a path of foam boards that depicted a brief photographic timeline of the Holocaust.Before completing the journey through history, Soldiers watched a short but moving video about the Holocaust and its impact on the world."It's a brief history," she said. "We showed a video and the ending of what happened."Cotton was told she needed to fill an additional duty for her unit.Her answer was simple: Equal opportunity leader."I volunteered," said Cotton. "It is something [that is] very important."She spent three weeks planning, resourcing and executing the unique event.210th FAB's equal opportunity office typically hosts an event, celebration or remembrance every month in order to maintain a high state of respect and readiness within the brigade.