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PENTAGON, D.C. (Apr. 19, 2019) - On Wednesday, Apr. 24 2019, two brothers who grew up in a large Irish Catholic family, and who both became priests and decorated military chaplains, will be reunited in Arlington National Cemetery, in Arlington, Va. The ceremony is scheduled for 1 p.m.

The ashes of Rev. Francis "Frank" Brett, who died two years ago at 86, will be placed in the grave with the remains of his brother, the Rev. Robert Brett. Robert was interred at Arlington in 1998, in a ceremony three decades after his death at age 32. He was killed in action in 1968, while serving as a Navy chaplain in Vietnam.

Stirred by the death of his brother, Frank became an Army chaplain and soon deployed to Vietnam, like Robert had. Frank was a chaplain for 30 years, until he retired from the Army in 1998.

Chaplains Hill is located in Section 2 of Arlington National Cemetery.

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