WIESBADEN, Germany - U.S. military personnel, civilian employees and Family members who plan to operate a privately owned vehicle while stationed in Germany will need a U.S. Forces Certificate of License, or USAREUR license. This license allows drivers to drive on and off post within Germany by passing a written test, proving they understand the road rules and signs.

The test can be taken in person or online. Either way, the driver will need to bring documentation to the Drivers Training and Testing Station on Clay Kaserne and pay the required $20 fee for the license, said Michael Leyba, transportation specialist at the DTTS.

Once a driver passes the test, they are eligible for a temporary license. The permanent license will be mailed to the driver's CMR address within 60 days and is valid for five years, when signed and accompanied by a valid stateside license for the same class of vehicle, said Hans-Peter Moosberger, driver's training instructor at the DTTS.

Authorization to drive a POV in Germany is a privilege, not a right, as outlined in the Driver's Handbook and Examination Manual for Germany (AE Pam 190-34/USAFE Pam 31-206). Driving privileges may be withdrawn for offenses committed while operating a vehicle.

A current eye test by an optometrist (within 60 days) is required for applicants over 65 who are applying for an initial or replacement U.S. Forces Certificate of License.