FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Have you gone for a job interview lately? Chances are, if you have, you were asked to arrive a few minutes early to complete your job application. This is something that everyone has to complete before they begin work for the new employer.

Filling out the application is a breeze if you are prepared, but if you are not prepared it can be a nightmare and may cost you the job.

Frequently, the employer does ask the job candidate to arrive a few minutes before the job interview to fill out the application. If you are not prepared, you may go into the interview with a negative mindset from having to rush through the lengthy application.

The application asks for a vast amount of information, including your previous experience and skills, completed education and schools, dates and addresses of employment, names and contact information of previous employers, salary history, reason for leaving each job and more.

All of this information must be verifiable and accurate. Otherwise, even if you get the job and the employer finds out that the information is false, you could lose the job.

To make the application process easier and to maintain a positive mindset going into the interview session, it is crucial to develop a master application to take with you to the interview. This master application will have all the details of your previous jobs (usually going back 10 years) to include the information listed above. The details of your previous jobs must also be in terms that are familiar to the employer.

Having this information handy in the form of a master application, will help you feel prepared as you fill out the application, and you can be confident that the information you are providing is accurate. However, you still can't just hand in your master application -- you will still have to fill out the application.

For more information on job search skills, transitioning Soldiers and their spouses should contact the Fort Rucker SFL-TAP Center at 255-2558 to register for transition services, and schedule additional events and appointments.