CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- Colorado National Guard Soldiers and Airmen rescued 36 people overnight and took them to shelters established for winter storm Ulmer, which was blasting the central U.S. with high winds and snow. Guard crews checked on 129 vehicles overnight, the CONG said in a Twitter post.

Earlier, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis activated the CONG to help the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management save stranded motorists in Colorado during the storm.

About 50 Colorado National Guard Soldiers and Airmen responded from multiple units along the Front Range, including three small-unit support vehicle (SUSV) teams.

"The Colorado National Guard is ready to help our neighbors in need," U.S. Air Force. Brig. Gen. Gregory White said. "SUSVs have about 1.8 pounds per square inch of ground contact throughout the whole vehicle, making them extremely maneuverable on top of snow and a major asset during a blizzard."

The SUSV is a fully tracked, articulated vehicle designed to operate off-road in a variety of conditions and environments. These specialized vehicles, used only by the National Guard in Colorado, are most often used to evacuate people trapped in winter storms. The vehicles are a federally funded resource used solely for domestic response.