ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Linda Dreeland, chief, Environmental and SRM Section, was honored as the Supervisor of the Year during the District's 2018 Annual Award Presentations, Dec. 12, 2018.

Dreeland supervises eight environmental project managers in the District's Environmental and SRM Section who are working on 107 active, multi-year projects worth more than $100 million in total. Customers include Cannon, Holloman, and Kirtland Air Force Bases; Ft. Bliss; EPA; and six New Mexico Pueblos under the Native American Lands Environmental Mitigation Program (NALEMP). Additionally, her section supports projects for the Los Angeles and Sacramento districts. In fiscal year 2018, her section staff awarded 19 new projects, valued at $11 million.

"Since assuming the section chief position, Linda has been faced with many challenges, and has professionally and systematically dealt with each one head on. At the same time, she has built and fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork within her section," said District Commander Lt. Col. Larry Caswell.

Her employees appreciate the way she has brought the section together, and encouraged a safe, and healthy, environment. She has also improved communications within the section, and with other sections in the District.

"Linda Dreeland is the epitome of a leader. She makes coming to work and our work environment a place of enjoyment and a classroom for professional growth," said Jennifer Lillard, biologist, Environmental and SRM Section. "It is important to Dreeland to work in a setting that is conducive to productivity, and this has considerably increased the staff's morale and cohesiveness."

"We had an excellent field of nominees this year, each one making significant contributions to the district," said Lt. Col. Caswell.

Other District employees nominated for Supervisor of the Year include Tom Bueno, chief, Program Integration & Controls Branch; Jacob Chavez, resident engineer, Kirtland Resident Office; and Gary Cordova, operations manager, Santa Rosa Lake.