Binter Pharmacy has reopened after several weeks of closure to allow for service expansion, according to Capt. Travis Weaver, chief of pharmacy.

"The pharmacy was renovated to add two new patient service windows and enlarge our waiting area," Weaver explained. "This was done to better serve our patients and improve the services that we provide. The renovation will help position the pharmacy department in a way that will allow us to best serve our patients during and after the transition to the new Ireland Army Health Clinic in 2020."

In addition to the new patient service windows and enlarged waiting area, the pharmacy entry way received a facelift to improve safety for patients that use the Binter Street Pharmacy. All these changes, he noted, will allow more support to the pharmacy with additional staffing and increased capabilities in the coming months.

"The installation of new windows was important because when the new clinic is ready to occupy, it will only fill new prescriptions for an initial fill after being seen in the clinic. It will also be a smaller pharmacy then the one in our current clinic.

"All patients and beneficiaries that need prescription refills will go to the Binter Street Pharmacy, in order to support the mission of the new Ireland Army Health Clinic. This will allow us to take care of our patients as safely and efficiently as possible."

Weaver said visitors will also notice that the ticketing machine has some added options. The added choices are to decrease the amount of time that patients need to stand in line to pick up their refills or drop off their prescriptions. All of these changes are designed to impact wait times in a positive way, and provide them with a better patient experience, he added.

The pharmacy now has three ticket options at the kiosk near where patients enter, and all patients will be asked to take a ticket. There will be a ticket for patients who would like to wait for their prescription to be filled, a ticket for those who would like to drop off their prescriptions and return later, and an option for patients who are there to pick up medications, such as refills that were called in from home by the patients, and medications that they dropped off earlier.

"We would like to highlight our drop-off option as a way to maximize the value for our patients," he explained. "They are able to be seen quickly to drop off their prescriptions and able to take a trip to the commissary, PX, or doctor's appointment while their medication is filled. Drop-off medications routinely have a two- hour processing time.

"Then patients are prioritized upon their return to pick up their medication. This option helps our patients save time and limits the amount of time that they have to spend waiting at the pharmacy."

Currently, visitors to the Binter Street Pharmacy may notice new parking lot construction and sidewalks being laid, but that project is separate from the renovation project and is one that is directed by Fort Knox Garrison, according to Weaver.

For more information about prescription refills, new prescriptions or general pharmacy questions please call 502-624-9342 or email