FORT RILEY, Kan. - Bright colors and shouts filled Riley's Conference Center May 15 as part of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month celebration.

Members of the Sons and Daughters of Samoa, a local group, performed for the celebration. Their performance consisted of singing and dancing in traditional Samoan clothing. The group is made up of Soldiers, Family members and retirees who live in the Central Flint Hills Region.

Guest speaker U.S. Rep. Eni F.H. Faleomaveaga was asked to join in the entertainment grand finale.

During the grand finale the Samoa dancer wore a head dress of feathers and beads. Money was thrown around her and other dancers were lying on the floor as she danced around them.

Faleomaveaga followed the entertainment with a speech about the achievements that have been made by Asian and Pacific Islanders throughout American history.

"In that memorial summer of 1963, with an African American by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. poured out his heart and soul to every American who could listen, to hear his voice as he uttered these words, 'I have a dream. My dream that one day my children will not be judged by their color of their skin but of their contents of their character.' That dream has been fulfilled, my dear friends, by electing the first person of color as our president of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama," Faleomaveaga said.