Fellow Guardsmen,

As we enter the holiday season, let's all take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments and achievements over the past year. This year, National Guard units supported emergency relief operations at home by responding to multiple disasters while other units remained engaged in the warfight. The success of our Nation's response continues to be the citizen-Soldiers and Airmen of the National Guard.

To the Guardsmen who are mobilized and deployed in support of our great Nation, I thank you for your service and look forward to your safe return home. To Guard families who patiently await the return of your loved ones, I thank you for your sacrifices and enduring support to your Soldiers and Airmen.

As you enjoy your holiday season, remember to assist your fellow Guardsmen, civilian personnel, and families in staying safe. Indiscipline continues to be the leading cause in accidents, but you can make the difference. If you or someone you know needs help, reach out to friends, family, or organizations who can provide support and assistance.

Thank you for your service and dedication to the National Guard. Have a safe and happy holiday season, and a successful new year!

Joseph L. Lengyel
General, USAF
Chief National Guard Bureau