SARAJEVO, Boznia-Herzegovina- U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Linda Singh, the adjutant general of Maryland, spoke to a group of 60 young students from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, during a U.S. Embassy sponsored American Corners event Nov. 28, 2018.The American Corners are small, American-style libraries created to increase understanding between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the U.S. by hosting events, information, and guest speakers, like Singh."The thing that surprises me and what I admire, is that I have traveled all over the country and I see that we are very much alike," said Singh. "We really are very much the same. If we can get past, what we think the differences are, we can find the commonalities."Singh shared her personal experiences and how she would ultimately overcome hardships that shaped and prepared her for leading the Maryland National Guard."It has not been easy, but I wouldn't trade the heartache, the issues and even being homeless for anything," said Singh, during her talk. "If you think things are hard now, think about how different things will be ten years from now."Ivan Lukanovin�, an English literature student at the University of Tulza and volunteer at the corners, said he found Singh's talk to be inspiring."Her story was very admirable and inspirational," said Lukanovin�. "I hope the group took that with hard work, you can do better."Singh answered questions from the students on how she overcame adversary, military service, and advice on becoming successful."For me, I want to experience the world," said Lukanovin�. "She talked about ways to get out there and find information to be successful."Singh's visit to the American Corners was a part of a larger trip to BiH that celebrated the Maryland National Guard's 15 year anniversary of the state partnership program that encourages civil and military cooperation through joint trainings, partnerships, and exercises.During the trip, Singh also spoke to students from University of Tulza and University of Bijeljina about similar topics along with Armed Forces of BiH Brig. Gen. Emir Kliko."It makes me so proud to be here and say that we are working together," said Singh. "My team is vested in our partnership with the armed forces here, and with every single individual."