Vera Ousley has always enjoyed helping people. After 20 years helping Soldiers as a servicemember, she is continuing the job as a civilian in the Garrison Intern Program.

"I've always liked working with and helping people," Ousley said. "My interest has always been in that."

Originally from Troy, Ousley spent her active-duty time working primarily in human resources and as an administrative assistant. She spent three years stationed at Redstone.

"I was a human resource assistant here. I worked as a re-enlistment NCO and then as an admin assistant over at the NCO Academy," Ousley said. "Like a lot of Soldiers, I fell in love with the area."

After retiring from her last duty station at Fort Rucker, she began looking for a civilian job back at Redstone. She ended up taking a human resource assistant position in the Military Personnel Office, where she has been for two and a half years now. She has loved the work. She decided to apply for the intern program at the Garrison because of the advancement opportunities.

"It's a big organization," she said. "In order to advance I really needed that."

Ousley is still at MILPO for the time being. Once her replacement is in place and up to speed, she will begin her first rotation with the Garrison.

"I entered the program on 15 Feb.," she said. "I'm waiting for my position to be filled and then train that person. Then I will begin my first rotation."

She holds a double bachelor's degree from Troy University in social rehabilitation and corrections. Her master's degree in organizational management comes from the University of Phoenix.

Her free time is quiet time. She likes to spend it with a good book and a cup of tea. Her love of reading translates into a love of learning.

"I'm quiet by nature, real low-key," Ousley said. "With the intern program, we're doing a lot of classes. I like to read and learn new things."

She hopes that her time in the intern program will help her find new ways to support Soldiers, and a chance to use some of the skills she has already acquired. Although she no longer wears the green suit, she still feels the people inside them are special.

"I get a great joy out of helping Soldiers. To me they are truly special people," Ousley said. "What they do can't be compared to anyone other than other servicemembers."