CHIÈVRES, Belgium -- Christmas is around the corner, and the children of the local orphanage La Fermette in Ath are ready for a visit from Santa.

Ever since the U.S. community settled in the SHAPE/Chièvres area in 1967, it has been supporting the local orphanage in Ath. La Fermette takes care of children under the age of 18 in two facilities located close to Ath. It also watches over additional children who are still living with their families but need specific attention.

To make Santa's job easier, the children have submitted their wish list for Christmas. The American Legion's goal is to provide each of the children with one of their wishes at a party the afternoon of Dec. 19. Event details will be released soon, but Santa has already saved the date.

If you want to support the program, you may request to see the wish list and sign up to purchase the gift for a particular child.

If you want to take a look at the wish list or if you have any questions on the orphans program, contact the USAG Benelux Public Affairs Office at DSN 314-361-5694 or +32 (0)68-27-5694.