FORT KNOX, Kentucky -- A group of about two dozen fitness fans entered a back room in Gammon Physical Fitness Center Oct. 31 for a special hour of indoor cycling.

They traded the darkness of the morning for the darkness of the room, sporting glow sticks and florescent T-shirts for a unique psychedelic Halloween experience.

The cycling leader, Maj. Ronyel Sanders from U.S. Army Human Resources Command, yelled motivating rhythmic cadence to the beat of driving music as the crowd put the pedals into motion and got rowdy.

"I love doing this!" said Sanders, a volunteer instructor. Without revealing her age, she said the best part of indoor cycling is the ability of people from all ages to participate: "If I can do this, anybody can."

Jennifer Black, in charge of fitness programs at the Fort Knox Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, said these special events are only part of what's offered at the installation.

"We offer about 40 classes a week," said Black. "Every once in a while we like to have a theme, mix it up and make it a little bit more interesting."

Of all the classes offered, indoor cycling makes up about eight of them. The most popular of the fitness classes is Zumba -- another venue that changes things up a bit from time to time.

"We do those parties on a pretty regular basis; our Zumba instructors like to do them," said Black. "In fact, we have a party coming up in December and a really big one probably at Sadowski. We are planning that in January or February."

Black said January is a popular time for many of these exercise parties because of the explosion of fitness for New Year's resolutions. They plan the biggest parties at Sadowski so they can open them up to the general public so folks can bring off-post friends and family members.

"We usually have over a hundred at those -- 125 to 150; usually four of five instructors, so imagine that floor at Sadowski; it's pretty full," said Black. "They have the great lighting system and sound system, so it's a very party atmosphere. We set up a stage, provide refreshments, hand out free class passes, different prizes; raffle tickets, as well, during those events."

Fort Knox Sports and Fitness provides as many as 19 different fitness programs at the moment, including cardio-centric workouts, versions of indoor cycling and Zumba, Total Body Conditioning, Insanity!, TRX and yoga.

"The classes change based on what instructors we have on staff at any time," said Black
Currently, they have 19 instructors, the majority of which are volunteers, according to Black. However, they also have five personal trainers who can provide fitness workouts tailored to individuals or groups for a fee. The advantage of personal trainers is that workouts can be scheduled whenever is best for those who desire them.

The latest program coming to Sports and Fitness is the Fort Knox 1,000 Pound Club -- a powerlifting event often found at combat installations and deployed locations. Black said they are bringing it here at the request of some who recently came here from Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

To join the club, male members must lift a combined weight of 1,000 pounds minimum in three events -- 500 pounds for females. They perform one repetition in the squat, bench press and deadlift. Black said an appointment request to her office must be made by those who wish to become a member. The competition will take place at Gammon and be recorded on a club board.

Whether fitness fans desire personalized attention, scheduled classes or membership to the 1,000 Pound Club, Black said they can find the information they by calling (502) 624-8180/4033 or emailing

Black promised to keep it all interesting.

"You gotta keep it fun so people keep coming back," said Black. "That's what we try to do."