The Army's ability to accomplish its mission depends on secure, uninterrupted access to energy.Each October, the Army observes Energy Action Month to remind Soldiers, civilians and families that energy is a mission enabler and a force multiplier for a ready and resilient Army."To prioritize energy and water conservation, the Army Materiel Command has several initiatives at installations across the country," said Jeff Harrison, Army Materiel Command's facilities energy program manager.These efforts include a program at Corpus Christi Army Depot, Texas, with a cost avoidance of more than $1.8 million and has saved the government more than 50 million units of energy, or British Thermal Units (BTU), from October 2016 to October 2017. BTUs measure heat content. For example, a match produces approximately 1 BTU, and household air conditioners typically produce between 5,000 and 15,000 BTU.Through industry partnerships, CCAD has seen a 40 percent reduction in electricity use and a 49 percent reduction in water across the depot, which was an 18 percent improvement from the previous year."These partnerships enable us to remain focused on our mission while continuing to achieve great things for AMC and the Army," said Harrison.Across the country, at Tobyhanna Army Depot, Pennsylvania, the depot reached its goal of 50 percent water reduction three years ahead of schedule.Using data collection and monitoring, as well as investments in water saving technologies, the depot saw consumption reduce from 87.9 million gallons in fiscal 2007 to 42 million gallons. This accomplishment saves the installation a total of more than $475,000 in water use and wastewater treatment costs.These programs, along with two others, were recognized as a winner of the 2018 Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Award during a ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio, in August. The four Army Materiel Command winners were:- Corpus Christi Army Depot, energy conservation - Tobyhanna Army Depot, water conservation - Tobyhanna Army Depot, innovative and new technology - Tooele Army Depot, on-site generation"Reducing the amount of energy and water required for critical missions is fundamental to improving resilience. The ability to generate energy while off the grid is also a key component," said Harrison. "These awards reflect the hard work and dedication by our installations to reduce consumption, lower costs, and increase resilience in support of the AMC and Army mission."