USAG Daegu, South Korea -- United States Army Garrison Daegu held its first walk through for the new Army Family Housing, August 22, at Camp Walker. Tower 1, named the Shilla after one of the three medieval Kingdoms, is first to finish construction and be opened to Soldiers and their families."The new towers will bring a sense of camaraderie to the tenants," said Challen Kelker, Directorate for Public Works D.H.M., Chief of Housing, who led the walk through. "It will be similar to living on the economy with all the necessary services within walking distance. The playground will be state of the art. A playground built above the parking garage will allow the children to play without worrying about traffic. The area will include tot lots, gazebos, and bike racks."The new Camp Walker Army Family Housing is comprised of four towers. These towers are named after three and a confederacy Kingdoms of Korea; Shilla, Baekje, Goguryeo, and Kaya, which occupied the entire Korean Peninsula and most of Manchuria from 57 BC to 668 AD. Each tower is conceived as a 15-story building with a 3-level parking structure. The tower has 90 apartments, playgrounds, and green space. Each apartment will come furnished including refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer, and dryer. There will be four 5-bedroom units (2164 ft�, 60 pyeong), twenty-six 4-bedroom units (1890 ft�, 54 pyeong), and sixty 3-bedroom units (1636 ft�, 47 pyeong). Each unit will have plenty of storage space and a laundry room. These will be provided to Company Grade Officers and Senior Non Commissioned Officers and their families.The building is seismically designed to withstand earthquakes, which have increased on the Korean Peninsula in recent years, and is fully energy efficient, operating on a heat recycling system."Here the air goes all the way around and the energy saved with it is recycled all the way through," explained Kelker as he walked through the heat recycling system installed in the celling of a 3 bedroom apartment. "The best part is that it works for both cooling and heating."USAG Daegu currently has 201 Army Family Housing Units, consisting of 150 leased units at Camp George and 37 government owned units at Camp Walker which was built in 1958. The new towers hold a total of 360 units and will consolidate all those currently residing on post and others who are residing off post. The mission is best supported by having key personnel domiciled on post."Tower Shilla is 99 percent stet with the construction and we will start the bid opening this December," said Kelker. "The first families will be moving into the new tower 19 February 2019."Tower Baekje is scheduled to begin occupancy in July 2019. The scheduled date for occupancy in Tower Goguryeo and Kaya have yet to be determined. The new high-rise apartments will consolidate the USAG Daegu population on post while providing superior quality of life accommodations for Soldiers and their families.