The Army Competition Advocacy Program serves to promote and maximize efficient and effective competition of Army procurement. Organization or "Command Advocates for Competition" develop and administer their organization's Competition Advocacy Program on behalf of the commander and the Head of Contracting Activity.

Competition Advocacy Program --
a. Ensure that personnel in the requiring activities and acquisition process, to include contracting, program and project management, engineering, logistics, quality assurance, financial, and requirements personnel, as well as small business specialists, use competitive acquisition strategies to the maximum extent practicable.
b. Promote full and open competition in acquisitions that historically have utilized limited competition.
c. Develop alternate sources for supplies and services to enhance both cost effectiveness and expansion of the industrial base.
d. Promote acquisition of supplies and services that meet Army requirements at fair and reasonable prices.

Command Advocates For Competition --
a. Develop initiatives to promote full and open competition.
b. Advise the commander and Head of Contracting Activity (HCA) regarding acquisition plans calling for other than full and open competition.
c. Ensure command compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (FAR) competition mandates.
d. Ensure organizational barriers, including policies and procedures that inhibit competition, are brought to the attention of the HCA and organizational commander/director, and that command/activity officials and their workforce execute the directed corrective actions as appropriate.
e. Ensure command/activity officials and the workforce are aware of the organization's responsibility to maximize competition at both the prime and subcontract levels.

RIGHT NOW, TODAY! The Army is reaching out to non-traditional partners asking them to join the team. If you sell a product or service the Army is buying and are locked out due to overly restrictive requirement descriptions, please let our Advocates For Competition know. Go to for a complete listing of Advocates by Command.