"The job of our soldiers, together with United States Southern Command, is extremely important because they not only maintain law and order in the military installations, they also offer needed security to various humanitarian initiatives," said the Adjutant General of Puerto Rico, Brig. Gen. Isabelo Rivera.In addition to this mission, members of the PRNG also integrated humanitarian activities such as providing health services to the needed communities, delivery of essential supplies, and joint security at the construction site of the new international airport located at the base."In an attempt to bring a better quality of life to our fellow citizens of Honduras, providing community service represents one of our primary missions as National Guard members," added Rivera.The work of the PRNG Citizen-Soldiers and their preparation in anti-terrorism and physical security missions demonstrated the expertise of their duties, and for the first time many of the soldiers were able to extend their tour of duty in Honduras for an additional year."There's no doubt that the professionalism and commitment of our Soldiers has further strengthened the strategic bond we share with Honduras," concluded Rivera.