Fort Knox, KY (August 07, 2018) -- The guidon for 7th Brigade, U.S. Army Cadet Command was handed to a new commander at a change-of-command ceremony held here on August 7 at the Olive Theatre. Colonel David C. Welch exchanged the Headquarters, 7th "Bold Warrior" Brigade guidon with outgoing commander Colonel Lance Oskey.

"As I prepared my remarks, I realized this date was significant, because literally 25 years to the date of today, 7 August, 1993, I was commissioned on the campus of my old university, California University of Pennsylvania. I find it serendipitous that I'm changing command of this ROTC brigade 25 years to the day that I joined the same organization," said Oskey.

Oskey said he was most proud of "being afforded the opportunity to lead a great team of military, and civilian cadre assigned to the 7th Brigade. I attempted to invest in their personal and professional development while accomplishing the mission. I believe we achieved this as best as possible."

"Command of this brigade has been the highlight of my military career, and I am honored to have served alongside the great DA civilians, Military Cadre, JROTC instructors, and Cadets," he said.
Major General John R. Evans, Jr., commanding general of U.S. Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox, praised Col. Oskey for his service to 7th Brigade, "When it comes to steady leadership, there is no finer example than Lance Oskey," while welcoming him as he transitions to his new role at U.S. Army Cadet Command as Chief of Staff.

Evans also thanked Mrs. Amy Oskey, for her commitment and service to both 7th Brigade, Cadet Command and Ft. Knox, "Lance led from the front in every instance, and his leadership is apparent in the many accomplishments of 7th Brigade. But Lance could not accomplish this on his own, his wife Amy was recognized earlier this morning for her volunteerism. But I want to thank her again for the work she did to ensure 7th Brigade's families were well cared for. There are no requirements for an Army spouse. There is no instruction manual either. Spouses can do as much or as little as they choose. We were very fortunate that Amy, chose to do so much. She is a devoted and dedicated member of the Fort Knox community."

While 7th Brigade, U.S. Army Cadet Command said farewell to Oskey, it also welcomes a new commander, Col. David Welch.

"Col. David Welch is the perfect Officer to command this great Brigade. David brings a broad tactical and operational background that will ensure 7th Brigade continues to excel across the expanse of the program," said Evans.