FORT SHAFTER -After two years in command, Brig. Gen. Sean A. Gainey relinquished command of the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command to Brig. Gen. Michael T. Morrissey during a change of command ceremony, held at the historic Palm Circle, 26 July.A change of command is a military tradition that represents a formal transfer of authority and responsibility for a unit from one commanding or flag officer to another. The passing of the colors from an outgoing commander to an incoming one ensures that the unit and its soldiers is never without official leadership, a continuation of trust, and also signifies an allegiance of soldiers to their unit's commander.Gen. Robert Brown, commander of the U.S. Army-Pacific, presided the ceremony where general officers, senior executives and senior members from multiple sister service attended as the 94th AAMDC commander works very close with U.S. Pacific Air Force and U.S Pacific Fleet in a joint environment."What a tough command," said Brown, referring to the responsibilities of the commanding general of the 94th AAMDC, which is in charge of protecting America from potential ballistic missile attacks. "This is no small task, this is not a job where people can accept mistakes," he continues. "I tell you Brig. Sean Gainey did a tremendous job of that throughout his command with enormous responsibilities during one of the toughest times in this theater," said Brown referring to the threats the Pacific theater has encounter in the past two years.In keeping with the change of command ceremony and Army tradition, Gainey, the 94th AAMDC outgoing commander, passed the unit colors to Brown, the presiding officer, officially relinquishing command. The colors were then passed to Morrissey, who formally assumed command of the 94th AAMDC.In his remarks Gainey spoke of the many achievements of the commands unit's during his tenure as commander.The guidons in front you represent the commands spread across the Pacific, in Korea, Japan and Guam with the headquarters here in Hawaii, in Hickam Air Force Base.""These commands execute a real world mission every day and remain ready to defeat a sophisticated threat. I have the best job in the Army because of these great Soldiers and these great units," he continues. "To the command represented on the field, you represent all that is great an this command and the important strategic mission we perform defending our assets daily." Gainey concluded by welcoming Morrissey and his family to the 94th AAMDC (Sea Dragon) ohana.Brown also welcomed the 94th AAMDC incoming commander during his remarks."Mike, I'm absolute certain you have an incredible team here and you'll take it to the next level, no doubt about it." "You'll find you step on this train and it moves pretty darn fast, but we are also thrilled to get a officer of your caliber here." "Welcome to the One Team Ohana, and we'll get you on a surfboard soon and get you used to life here on the island, which is pretty awesome."Gainey and his family are heading to the Washington D.C. area where he will be serving as the deputy director, Force Protection, J-8, in the Joint Staff.The roles performed by the 94th AAMDC commander demonstrate the proficiency of the unit as the experts in air missile defense within the Indo-Asia Pacific area of responsibility.The 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command provides Joint and Combined Theater Air and Missile Defense in order to meet Operation Plan requirements through the assurance of Allies and deterrence within the Asia-Pacific area of responsibility.