Salinas, PR, July 21, 2018 -- The Puerto Rico National Guard celebrated its "Governor's Day," a ceremony marking the end of the 2018 Annual Training Cycle at Camp Santiago. The Adjutant General of Puerto Rico, Brig. Gen. Isabelo Rivera, took part in the ceremonial protocol including bugle calls from the 248th Army Band and the military salute from thousands of Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen gathered at Collazo Air Field."I thank each one of you on behalf of the people of Puerto Rico for the outstanding job done in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria and the great contribution given toward the reconstruction of the Island," said Rivera. "During this training cycle each one of you has successfully done your part, facing all challenges with the dedication and determination that characterizes our National Guardsmen."We have accomplished our responsibilities toward our people and the Nation, as we have fully conducted our federal missions which include: the mobilization of units to Poland, El Salvador, Honduras, Afghanistan and the 296th Inf. Bn. which is currently training with other NG units in Michigan."I'm very proud of the exceptional job each of you has done. You have given examples of professionalism and team work accomplishing the missions that have helped in the recovery of the people of Puerto Rico," said Rivera. "Let this demonstrated effort and commitment be an example to the Nation and to Puerto Rico that they can count on the Puerto Rico National Guard at all times, always saying 'Siempre Presente' (Always Present)."The Governor's Day ceremony is a traditional event dating back to 1939. It marks the end of the training cycle for the year and pays homage to the figure of the Governor as Commander-in-Chief of the Puerto Rico National Guard. The ceremony ended with a formal Pass and Review of all the Soldiers and Airmen present.