Col. Morris L. Bodrick relinquished duties as the commander of the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center, or ATC, to Col. John F. Hall during the change of command ceremony at Aberdeen Proving Ground, or APG, June 29.

Major General Joel K. Tyler, the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command's commanding general and presiding officer over the ceremony, greeted attendees in his opening remarks. Tyler highlighted Bodrick's significant accomplishments as ATC's commander.

"During his tenure, Bodrick has pushed the technological envelope in testing to make sure our Soldiers were provided safe, effective and reliable equipment, and our customers both within and outside the Department of Defense were given the highest level of test and test support services," Tyler said.

In addition to Bodrick's successes in testing, Tyler commended Bodrick for his stewardship of the outdoor environment amid ongoing testing. Tyler expressed appreciation for Bodrick and his team as caretakers ensuring protection of the local wetlands.

"We do a lot of neat stuff out there, but you've got to take care of the environment," Tyler said. "The attention given to the environment is reflected in the growing numbers of all sorts of animals. I think that's really important and often an overlooked aspect of our professional responsibility."

Tyler emphasized Bodrick's efforts to develop leaders within the workforce by hosting quarterly women in leadership sessions. "It's a wonderful way to make sure everyone gets the opportunities to grow and reach their full potential."

Tyler credited Bodrick's family for providing the support he needed to achieve his many accomplishments. According to Tyler, that sense of family and community is what makes Bodrick a special Army officer.

After offering well wishes to Bodrick and his family, Tyler welcomed Hall and his family to the ATC team.

"Col. Hall brings an energy and enthusiasm that will compliment and bring to a different level the achievements of Col. Bodrick and his team have brought to ATC," Tyler said. "Welcome and we're very excited to have you here."

After Tyler's remarks, Bodrick expressed his gratitude to the ATC team. Bodrick explained that it's the people who make the command great, and he acknowledged all those who played a vital role in the success of the command over the past three years.

"It's been said that being a commander is a lonely position," Bodrick said. "I can tell you that's true. However, it's also a very rewarding position and a team sport."

Bodrick went on to share his leadership philosophy that served as the foundation of his leadership beliefs.

"If you empower and hold accountable those you lead, those people will do great things, and we had that in this command," Bodrick said. "I can't express how overwhelmed and proud I am of the last three years of being your commander."

In his closing, Bodrick encouraged Hall as the incoming commander to embrace the challenges that lay ahead.

Following Bodrick's remarks, Hall addressed the attendees and shared his understanding of the essential work done by the testing community.

"Thirteen years ago when I got started as an acquisition officer, I started as a test officer at the U.S. Army Operational Test Command located at Fort Hood, TX," Hall said. "One of the things I came away with from that was the importance of the testing and what this community does and provides; most importantly to our Soldiers as they go into, as the chief of staff said, the 'crucible of ground combat'."

Hall said the testing community gives the Soldiers the confidence in their equipment that they need and deserve.

"I consider myself very blessed and honored today that I get to stand up and join your ranks," Hall said. "To those members of ATC, thank you very much for what you have done and look forward to what we will do together."