For the first time in the 36-year history of Winn ACH, a female commander now leads the way. Yet, often times before moving forward, dividends are paid in reflection.
Brig. Gen. Crosland gave the opening remarks during the ceremony, which shined a light on what is already a bright past for Warner. Crosland stressed the importance of matching what one says to what one does. Two years ago when Warner took command of Winn ACH, he promised to leverage his experience as a physician and a healthcare administrator by bringing innovative improvements to Winn, and he did. Under Warner's command many firsts were accomplished at Winn.
"His comptroller was the [2017] Comptroller of the Year and Department of the Army Comptroller of the Year, and his Decision Support Team was the Comptroller Team of the Year," Crosland said. "The MEDCOM Lean Six Sigma project of the Year and the MEDCOM Pharmacy Tech of the Year and the MEDCOM base level Medical Logistician of the Year, all came from Chris's command and are a reflection of his leadership and dedication. His team has one of the highest healthcare effectiveness scores in the Army."
Also under Warner's leadership, the Level 4 Trauma Designation was established as well as the Stewart Post-Operative Rehabilitation Training or SPORT program, which helps Soldiers recover more quickly after surgery were among countless other accomplishments. For Warner's impact on the MEDDAC-Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield Team, Crosland acknowledged his resolve.
"You have excelled across a very broad and diverse mission set while maintaining the proper priority," Crosland said. "Thank you for a job well done."
In the presence of Family, close friends and MEDDAC staff, Warner said returning to Winn as the commander was like coming home, because Winn was he and his wife Carolyn's first duty station coming out of residency training. Warner thanked his staff, and community partners for their role in his successful command. He also turned the attention of the audience to the Soldiers lining the field in front of them.
"This formation before you represents the more than 400 Soldiers and 1,500 DA Civilians who currently serve, and the more than 3,000 Soldiers who have served over the last two years at WINN Army Community Hospital, Tuttle Army Health Clinic and the Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Stewart," Warner said. The proud and stellar performing Soldiers you see, present the pride heart and desire that we expect within our MEDDAC Family and routinely set and exceeded the standard."
In a literal sense, Warner weathered many storms while at Winn. During his tenure, a tornado, two major hurricanes and a rare snow storm now lines the pages of his portfolio, but it was the impact of the required quarterly staff training that proved his team lives the readiness mission.
"As others evacuated from this region, our staff dug in and enacted well-rehearsed, established drills, ensuring not only Fort Stewart, but the surrounding community continued to have the medical support and care they needed," Warner said. "Our teams ensured the evacuated community received their medications, support and care … this success comes from a unified team."
In parting words Warner gave one last directive to his staff.
"Maintain that drive, heart and desire in all that you do, and remember, we always play to Winn," Warner said.
Munroe said she accepts the challenge to lead the MEDDAC team to the next level and looks onward to working with the leaders here at Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield and beyond.
"I look forward to working with the 3rd ID and our installation partners," Munroe said, "and continue in the readiness mission to ensure that all Soldiers are medically ready to fight tonight."
For the first time in MEDDAC-Fort Stewart history, the commander, command sergeant major, executive officer, company commander, and first sergeant are all women.