Dear Team Jackson,

It is with a great humility that I write to you as the 51st Commanding General of Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

In the coming weeks and months, it is my goal to meet each of you and/or your organization. For some of you, our next encounter will be the rekindling of an old partnership and for others, it will be the start of a great new relationship.

It is abundantly clear to me that we have an outstanding community in Columbia and the Midlands, a tremendously professional workforce, and we deliver on our promise to provide trusted Army professionals for our nation's defense week after week.

I plan to use my first 60-90 days in position to confirm where we are as a team and gain an understanding of the progress FJSC has made over the past two-years under the superb leadership of Maj. Gen. Pete Johnson. With your help, I want to determine what we need to do in order to remain relevant as an installation and a key pillar within the community.

My commitment to FJSC is three-fold: 1) continue to provide the best trained Soldiers as expected by our nation 2) develop leaders that are trained for certainty and educated for uncertainty and 3) sustain a high quality of life for our Families and workforce.

It takes a team effort to remain relevant. It will take understanding and empathy by all to make progress. I will expect nothing less than dignity and respect rendered to all of those that we encounter.

If you are not committed to being value added to the team and embracing servitude as a major part of your role, I ask that you reflect on your personal goals and rededicate yourself to the mission of Fort Jackson and the important contribution to our country.

Soldiers and their Families view all of us; regardless of rank, position, or job title, as what the Army represents. We can never do a first impression over. Parents look to us to provide a safe and secure environment for their Soldier (all Soldiers not just the initial entry trained). Families look to us to meet their needs and we look to each other as committed teammates. So from the gate (entry) to graduation (exit), we will uphold the standard of what right looks like.

Albert Einstein once commented that individuals should not strive for success but rather strive to be of value. My spouse Pam and I come to you as dedicated teammates. Expect nothing less than excellence from me. I am an honest integrity-based, ethical leader and will always strive to perform at the highest professional and personal level. If you truly believe I acted in a way that brings discredit to our profession, I encourage you to make an appointment to discuss it with me. You can expect the same from me in return.

The Midlands, the state of South Carolina, our Soldiers, families and workforce deserve our best. Let's give them what they expect and deserve.

Victory…Starts Here!