JBLM I Corps bids farewell to deputy commanding general BY SGT. KYLE LARSEN 5th Mobile Public Affairs DetachmentJOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. (June 22, 2018) - The sun was beaming down on Joint Base Lewis-McChord on June 22 as the First Corps Band tuned their instruments in preparation for the ceremony. The crowd grew as people waited to show their gratitude for Jeffrey L. Milhorn, I Corps' deputy commanding general, and his work. The influence he provided will live on for years. I Corps' commanding general, Lt. Gen. Gary Volesky, mentioned the impact Milhorn had while assisting in the operations of America's First Corps. "I'm lucky to say that I was able to serve alongside him at First Corps," said Volesky. "With the oversight and guidance he provided we were able to develop a deployment plan to deploy every unit on the base into combat within weeks and not months." Milhorn experienced one last retreat at JBLM with cannons thundering in the background as the band played retreat. The flag detail marched towards the center of the formation in unison, and prepared to fold the flag and case the colors. Milhorn prepares to take command of the United States Army Corps of Engineers' North Atlantic Division, he brings a wealth of experience, such as commanding the 130th Engineering Brigade and knowledge gained while studying civil engineering at the University of Florida and graduate studies in construction engineering and project management from the University of Texas at Austin. As Milhorn walked to the podium, he grinned from ear to ear. He leaned toward the microphone, his eyes narrowing from the sun, and thanked all of those in attendance. "It's easy for me to come out and inscribe on the back of an envelope what I wanted to say and the biggest words on there are thank you," said Milhorn, as he looked across the crowd." "Thank you sir for your leadership in guiding the Corps," said Milhorn to Volesky. "I've learned quite a bit from you. The most important lesson is that your training objectives that apply no matter what you do. Improve every day and no matter what it is, you can call it improving the foxhole." Milhorn positioned himself in front of Volesky, and his wife Debbie joined them at the front of the formation. Volesky honored Milhorn and his wife with a shell casing from the ceremony, the Legion of Merit award and the Superior Citizen Service award. America's First Corps and JBLM bid farewell to Milhorn, they showed their appreciation for everything he accomplished by granting one final retreat and a farewell ceremony to be remembered.