MIDLAND, Ga. (June 4, 2018) - Soldiers and their Family members from Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 46th Infantry Regiment, at Fort Benning, Georgia, helped pack boxes of food at the Feeding the Valley Food Bank June 1 in Midland, Georgia.

Feeding the Valley helps provide and distribute food to families in need in 14 counties in Georgia and Alabama.

Staff Sgt. Stephen Dey, the senior drill sergeant of the company, brought his wife Stephanie Dey and their three children to the event. Although Stephanie has been volunteering with him throughout his military career, this is the first time they involved their children, who are ages 6, 8 and 9.

"We were excited to bring our kids out today because we are trying to teach them to give back as well," Stephanie said. "We are very blessed to have the life that we have and the things that we have, so we are always teaching them just how important it is to just be thankful for what you have. I think this was the perfect opportunity for them to see that others might not be as fortunate as they are."

Stephen echoed the same sentiments of his wife.

"Not only is it good for the kids to get involved in the community, but it also helps them to appreciate everything that they have a lot more by getting out here and seeing what goes into helping people," he said.

However, the children in attendance aren't the only ones who walked away from the event with better insight. The Soldiers did too.

"It will teach everyone in the company lessons, seeing where some of these trainees come from," Stephen said. "Not everyone comes from a perfect scenario."

The company ultimately packed 858 boxes, which will feed 858 families.