The sixth annual Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Land Forces of the Pacific (LANPAC) three-day Symposium concluded May 24.

The annual LANPAC event has grown considerably since it began in 2013. AUSA's symposium provided the opportunity for leaders from 26 nations across the Indo-Pacific, Department of Defense, and key industry leaders to participate in a variety of panel discussions, hands on product demonstrations and experience new technologies.

Strengthening relationships with multinational partners was a key focus at LANPAC.

"LANPAC is a necessary platform for connectivity," said Lt. Gen. Mehesh Senanayake, commander of the Sri Lanka Army. "The relationships that are built here will allow our neighboring countries to share information and learn from each other."

Senanayake traveled more than eight thousand miles to attend his first LANPAC symposium and said that the connections made here are necessary for security in the Pacific region.

"Technology has allowed any country, no matter the size, to become a global threat," said Senanayake. "That is why now more than ever we must work together and share information, so that we can not only protect our country but our neighboring countries and allies. We all must learn from each other and LANPAC allows us to maintain those lines of communication."

Commanding General Robert B. Brown, U.S. Army Pacific, closed out the three-day symposium.

"A lot of hard work and incredible hours were put into making this a great event," said Brown. "Great perspectives were brought into our panel discussions by our international partners. We were able to move forward in our conversations on multilateral approach."

Brown said that conversations and relationships built during LANPAC will last beyond the symposium.

"Interoperability is difficult and takes time, but it is critical," said Brown. "Our most important asset is our people and our Indo-Pacific land force relationships and we are excited for the way forward."

"LANPAC gives us hope in this complex world," said Brown as he ended the Symposium.