By Amber Martin Garrison Public Affairs OfficeFORT CARSON, Colo. - The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) presented the Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC) Fort Carson, 918th Contracting Battalion with the SBA Region VIII Administrator's Small Business Advocacy Award May 2, 2018, during National Small Business Week in Centennial.During the week, the SBA recognized the outstanding achievements of America's small businesses for their contributions to local communities and to the nation's economy. The MICC Fort Carson, 918th CBN was recognized for its superior goal-achievement performance, support of the SBA's mission, and dedication to the small business community in Colorado and across the nation for fiscal 2017."We're extremely proud and humbled to have achieved this award," said Lt. Col. Thomas McFall, director and commander, MICC Fort Carson, 918th CBN. "Maintaining business transparency to drive small business results remains one of the MICC commanding general's top priorities and MICC Fort Carson has excelled at doing just that as evident by our small business goal achievements."During fiscal 2017, the MICC Fort Carson exceeded its small business contract award goal by more than 35 percent. The MICC Fort Carson awarded 412 contract actions to small businesses of the 563 eligible small business awards released in fiscal 2017. Almost half of those released contract actions went to SBA-recognized small disadvantaged businesses. The MICC Fort Carson awarded approximately $64.5 million of the $74.4 million obligated in fiscal 2017 to small business contractors."Fort Carson is proud of the impacts that we have been able to make in the local Colorado area through the increased need to employ the local skilled-labor workforce in order to fulfill the requirements of the contracts on Fort Carson," said Angela Arwood-Gallegos, small business professional, MICC Fort Carson Small Business Program.The MICC Fort Carson continues to surpass its goals for fiscal 2018. This year, it has exceeded its first and second quarter small business achievements by more than 50 percent."Supporting the Fort Carson mission is our priority, and we have a culture of looking to small businesses first to meet that objective," said Rod Cameron, deputy director, MICC Fort Carson, 918th CBN. "We take our goals seriously and it makes a difference in the local economy. It serves our customers because we have agile contractors that are able to make easy adjustments to Fort Carson's deployments, changing requirements and lay downs on the installation."This is the fourth award the MICC Fort Carson has received from the Small Business Administration. The contracting office received the Regional Administrator's Award of Excellence in both 2001 and 2008 and received recognition for awarding an average of 80 percent of its contracts to small businesses in 2006.