LINCOLN, Neb. -- More than 160 Army and Air National Guard Soldiers and Airmen from across the United States came together Sunday for the Lincoln National Guard Marathon.

These National Guard runners, representing 45 states and two territories, competed in the 41st Annual Lincoln National Guard Marathon.

According to the National Guard Marathon Coordinator, Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Sterns, the competition is designed to promote physical fitness and military readiness in the National Guard. The top runners at Sunday's race will be selected as members of the 2018 "All Guard" Marathon Team, which travels to promote the National Guard and assist in recruiting and retention efforts across the United States.

Top winners:

-D.C. National Guard Capt. Kenny Rayner of Alexandria, Virginia, overall male winner with an unofficial time of 2:38:55.

-Florida National Guard Capt. Kimberly Quinn of Gainesville, Florida, overall female winner with an unofficial time of 3:11:29

-The Indiana National Guard Team was named the overall National Guard team winner of the Lincoln National Guard Marathon.

Sterns said the Marathon Program promotes both local and national levels of the Army and Air National Guard, and the Military Competitions Programs. The Marathon Program additionally encourages and enhances the National Guard Retention Program by instilling physical fitness, self-discipline, and esprit de corps among National Guard members from all 50 states and U.S. territories.

"The Lincoln National Guard Marathon is an important event that brings Soldiers and Airmen together with the local community to promote health and fitness within the State of Nebraska," Sterns said. "As National Guard members it also instills camaraderie between the runners who come from all over the United States and Territories to compete."

Along with the traditional runners, 10 National Guard Soldiers and Airmen ruck marched the half-marathon distance in honor and memory of fallen and deceased service members from across all branches of the military.